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12 ‘we can’t win at home’ observations from the 49ers’ embarrassing loss on Sunday

Marc Adams
Nov 8, 2021 at 1:40 PM--

If Dorothy played for the San Francisco 49ers, she wouldn't click her red slippers and say, "There's no place like home." That's because the 49ers can't seem to win at home. It's been over a year since they last won at Levi's Stadium. Will they ever win another home game? Maybe they don't like crowds cheering for them. If that's the case, there's good news for the team because I would imagine the next home game will have plenty of booing fans.

Even Levi Strauss & Co. must be humiliated after this mess. It's fitting that the Levi's tag is red, because the 49ers' effort on Sunday was embarrassing for everyone. Maybe one of the company's creative geniuses can design a pair of really ugly jeans, complete with plenty of holes and stains. And maybe they can make them so they're too tight, and hard to walk in, so you're prone to making a lot of mistakes. They can call them the Levi's "can't win at home blues."

Ok, enough for creative venting. Let's get to the real complaining. The 49ers lost to a team missing its star quarterback, star wide receiver, and star defensive lineman, among other keep players. Here are my 12 observations from the 49ers' loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

  • The mistakes that haunted the 49ers earlier in the season returned. Dropped passes, fumbles, penalties, missed tackles. I could go on, but I doubt you want to read that much.
  • Too bad Kyler Murray couldn't play. Colt McCoy picked the 49ers apart all game. Colt McCoy. The career backup.
  • Brandon Aiyuk's season has mirrored the 49ers season so far. Disappearing act for the first six games. An inspired game seven. Then back to mistake-ridden play in game eight. That said, Aiyuk came back from some early mistakes and had his best game of the season. Too bad the team couldn't overcome its other mistakes.
  • Josh Norman is terrible. His stupid unsportsmanlike penalty in the second half really hurt the team. I'd rather watch the rookie corners make their rookie mistakes, instead of watching an old, bad cornerback make rookie mistakes.
  • I feel like whenever the 49ers fall behind, even if by only one score, Kyle Shanahan abandons the run game. Elijah Mitchell had eight rushing attempts. Eight! And if Shanahan says it's because the 49ers fell behind, it's not. They were only 10 points down when Mitchell had his sixth attempt. Shanahan abandoned the run early, and it's not because they were behind, or because the Cardinals were stacking the box. He panicked.
  • I'm not saying DeMeco Ryans is in over his head, but Robert Saleh's injury-riddled 2020 defense was better than this one. This was Ryans' defense's worst game. It almost looks like they're not even trying. That would not have happened under Saleh.
  • This 49ers' loss is on the defense. Three turnovers didn't help. But the defense was terrible today. Letting McCoy put up 31 points is humiliating. And to do it on a day the 49ers honored Bryant Young. Horrible.

  • I thought the 49ers' pass coverage was the worst part of their defense. But after watching so many missed tackles, I may have to change my mind.

  • Why did Tom Compton play instead of Jalen Moore? When Mike McGlinchey went down with a knee injury, one that cost him the rest of the season, Compton was his replacement. Compton is the worst player on the team, and he surrendered more sacks in his short time on the field Sunday than McGlinchey has all season. Compton shouldn't see the field anymore.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo played really well in this game. He had a late interception, but overall, played very well for the second straight week. And yet, some fans are blaming him for yesterday's loss. Puzzling.
  • Is this the worst loss in the Shanahan-Lynch era? I feel like we've asked that question a few times already this season. But this one really may be the worst. Fred Warner called this loss 'embarrassing' and 'inacceptable.' We agree, Fred. It was embarrassing and unacceptable.

  • The 49ers need to start drafting and signing some leaders. This locker room lacks strong, outspoken leaders who call 'players only' meetings, get in teammates' faces, etc.

The 49ers will have to try to salvage the season next Monday Night when they face the Los Angeles Rams. As Ronnie Lott would say, "It's Rams week." This one is always extra special. For now, though, we mourn...and complain.
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