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Transcripts: Kyle Shanahan, Trey Lance discuss plans heading into 49ers-Cardinals

Oct 8, 2021 at 3:10 PM--

The San Francisco 49ers are preparing to play the Arizona Cardinals this weekend. Head coach Kyle Shanahan and quarterback Trey Lance spoke with reporters after today's practice. Here is everything they had to say.

Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Opening comments:

"Alright, injury report, [CB] K'Waun Williams will be out. [QB] Jimmy Garoppolo is out. [TE] George Kittle is doubtful. [DL] Samson [Ebukam] is questionable. And [DT Javon] Kinlaw's questionable."

Full-steam ahead then on QB Trey Lance making his starting debut?


What was the week like for you? What were you feeling when you were drawing up a game plan tailored to Trey, a new starting quarterback?

"Just with his being his first start, just trying to give him stuff he's comfortable with, stuff we've put him through. You don't want to sit there and make up too much new stuff. There's only a couple of days to practice it and you just want to make sure he's comfortable as possible."

Just making sure I heard you correctly, Kittle is doubtful you said?


How much worse is he maybe at this point this week than he was last week?

"The main thing was last week, he was able to go today and today he didn't feel like he could. So, we have up until Sunday to decide, but that's why it's doubtful this week where as it was questionable last week."

And it's the calf, it's not the knee?

"Yeah. No, he never had anything with the knee. Even though it looked like it, it was just violent."

This has to be an all hands-on deck kind of thing. How much do you expect everybody to kind of raise their level to compensate for the loss of two very important offensive players?

"Kittle's not for sure yet, but that's been the plan all week. We weren't sure all week, we weren't sure all last week either. I know it started out that way, but it got a little scary on Wednesday and Thursday. So, we've been down this road before, so you don't make a big deal about it. We're playing a good team and regardless of whether they were out there or not we're going to need all hands-on deck."

Obviously, you'll elevate QB Nate Sudfeld. How far along is he? Maybe, just in terms of knowing the gameplan?

"Nate's been great. He's been in this league a while. He knows how to prepare when he doesn't get a lot of the reps. He's done it every single week. He had an idea earlier this week that he had a better chance of getting up with Jimmy being questionable throughout the week. So, I know how excited he is and I know how much more fun he had getting the majority of the scout team reps this week where usually Trey has. So, it's been good."

Are you encouraged with the progress Jimmy Garoppolo made this week and are you confident that he could play coming off of the Bye Week?

"I don't know. I haven't thought about that, but I thought he had a chance this week, so I feel he's got a chance then too."

Is RB Elijah Mitchell good to go?


In turn with that, with not knowing how Jimmy will react, this is not an anointment of Trey saying this is his job from here on out?

"Correct. Yeah, our starting quarterback is hurt. If he would've been a hundred percent today, we would have gone with him."

You mentioned on the radio yesterday Jimmy wanted to give it a go. Was he just not or did you guys or he make the determination?

"It's a group effort, but when you've got guys like Jimmy, guys like Kittle, sometimes you have to protect them from themselves. They're all thinking they can go, but a lot of that's hope. You've got to see the next day when you come out to practice and when you get warmed up for it. And that's when reality kind of hits when you got to do it right before and try to get warmed up for it, try to get ready to go and it's just not reacting the right way. And then we all have to make the smarter decision."

I assume that's the case with Kittle?


Obviously, he has a chance to play--?

"Yeah, he had a chance to practice today. But he wasn't ready to go today. So, we'll try him out tomorrow."

Has there been any competitive advantage to just how little film there is out on Trey?

"I think sometimes, a little bit. You can ask them that, but it's not like the whole game's different. You've got a different guy at the position, but it's not like it's a whole different team. There's only so many different things you can do. And obviously when there are different players in there, there will be some different things, but I don't think it's that big of a difference."

What are the challenges for you with basically your top two running backs are rookies, your quarterback is a rookie, just to get that area going with the three guys who have very little experience?

"I think it's just balancing out, trying to do the best of what you think to attack somebody. You always try to put the players in the best position possible, which is trying to give them an advantage schematically. But you also have to be careful that no matter how hard you try to do that, they also have to be able to play fast and do what they've done their whole careers to get them to this point. So, you have to find that balance as a coach. You don't just throw them out and stay simple because they're rookies because it's a tough league and you go against some good people. So sometimes that sets them up to fail, but sometimes if you do too much to try to help them that also can kind of handcuff them a little bit. So, you try to find that balance throughout the week, throughout games, and you see how it goes."

Hall of Fame QB Steve Young went on the radio this week and said that Trey Lance reminds him of a young Steve Young. Do you see that at all when you watch Lance play?

"I can see why he says that. I was pretty young when Steve first started, but I have an idea of it. And Steve, I don't know when he first started, if it was always good or bad, but he was running around and getting after it. And so, I think he always gave his teams a chance to win, regardless. I think Steve became, basically the later parts I know Steve from when I was in high school at least, he was a surgeon. I mean the ball went to that right spot every time. I don't know if that was always the case but that's how it is for a lot of people in this league. When you start out, it takes time to get that automatic at stuff like that and very few people do get there. But guys like Steve, in the meantime while he learned, he was still making a ton of plays and I think that's how he could relate to him."

What happened with DL D.J. Jones?

"His knee was hurting Thursday. Yeah, Thursday when he came in, he tried to give it a go and it was just aching too much. So, he took it off, but today was good, so no problems."

When Former 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick made his first start in 2012, everyone was like, 'oh jeez, he's not ready, hopefully he can hand the ball off and function.' And then he put on like a passing clinic. With that mentioned, do you have like an idea as far as how good or whatever Trey Lance might be on Sunday, is it kind of exciting, but do you have that idea of like, this could go a lot of different ways?

"Yeah. That's how I feel every week though. Even quarterbacks who've played a thousand games before. I still, when you have quarterbacks who are great throwers and all of a sudden one day they struggle. So that's how the league is every single Sunday. I'm excited to see him play. I know he's got the ability to do a lot of things. But it's going to be his first time out there for the whole game and I'm just pumped to see him play, but I don't go into it expecting anything. You try to prepare a guy as good as you can. From our standpoint, I know he's done his part in preparing. And then when Sunday comes, that's usually the spot where you get to have fun and just cut it loose and you live with the results."

Just briefly, not briefly, but the Arizona Cardinals, you face them every year, obviously, twice a year. Are they different this year? Is there something that you can watch film and go, 'okay, this is an area that, you can tell that they've made improvements'?

"Yeah, I think they've gotten better in every facet. I thought they had a good team last year. I think their offense has gotten better, just playing with a lot of the same guys still who have gotten better, but the guys that they've added have helped them a ton too. I think on defense playing in [Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator] Vance's [Joesph] system another year helps all the guys who have done it and their additions have really helped. Their secondary to me is a lot better. Their front is healthy, some of the guys that they lost last year, plus adding guys like [Arizona Cardinals DE] J.J. Watt is huge. And the investments they made at linebacker added some talent out there. So yeah, just across the board, they've gotten a lot better."

QB Trey Lance

What are you experiencing right now, a couple of days out from your first NFL start?

"I'm excited, obviously, but not going to make it bigger than what it is. I feel prepared and had a good week preparing, I guess, honestly, pretty similar to how I usually do. Obviously, getting more reps, I was hoping [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] would be healthy for sure. But he's done an awesome job and him and [QB] Nate [Sudfeld] both have helped me out a ton this week and [quarterbacks coach] Rich [Scangarello] and [head] coach [Kyle] Shanahan as well. So, I'm excited for it for sure. Excited for the opportunity."

What's this week been like? Usually you get a package of plays, this time the entire game plan is designed specifically for you against a specific opponent. So, what's this process been like to learn the gameplan and study the Cardinals defense to a greater range than you had the previous four games?

"Yeah, like I said, it's pretty similar. My preparation is pretty similar obviously other than getting more reps. But the offense is the offense. Me and Jimmy do a lot of similar things and play and see the game in a similar way. So, nothing really changes. Obviously, the defense dictates more what we do than anything. But yeah, like I said, I'm excited for this opportunity."

In terms of the actual challenge of facing an undefeated team with a star quarterback, what kind of extra juice does that give you?

"I'm excited. I think I'd be excited regardless of what game it is. I'm probably just excited for this one as I was Week 1, 2, 3, and 4. But like I said, I'm not going to make it bigger than what it is. It's football, I feel prepared. I feel ready to go. I'm excited to go out and compete with these guys."

Now that you got the chance to go back and watch what you did in the second half against Seattle, what did you see? How did you evaluate your own performance?

"Yeah, I learned a ton for sure going back and watching it. But I'd say probably the same stuff right now that I did right after the game. Missed a few, some good, some bad but definitely learned a lot from it and got better from it."

Can you tell us one or two things you learned from that experience?

"Yeah, definitely. I don't want to go into too much detail. But yeah, I missed a few, like I said. Check downs would have been big for sure. And I think just getting a feel with these guys as far as off-schedule stuff for sure with the receivers has been awesome. Not that you get to rep it a ton, but just for those guys being able to see it and me being able to see it. What I missed, what I did, what I didn't do. Things like that helps me out a ton."

I was talking to WR Trent Sherfield yesterday about you and he said he sees you often sticking around late to go watch film by yourself or whether it's with coaches. Can you take us through some of the film sessions that you do and whether you ramped it up this week?

"Yeah, I probably ramped it up a little bit this week just probably because I had more to watch of myself which is fun during practice. But yeah, Trent's a guy that's also here later and the first one in, last one out for sure and everyone in the locker room will tell you that. But yeah, like I said, I'm excited. I'm not going to make it bigger than what it is, but for sure want to feel prepared and it's my job to do so."

You guys obviously wanted to get the run game going and you're a part of that as are RB Elijah Mitchell and RB Trey Sermon. What does it mean to have you three rookies kind of tied at the hip a little bit as far as trying to get the ground game going against the Cardinals on Sunday?

"Yeah, absolutely. Super excited to have Elijah back. He's had a great week of practice. So excited, definitely to be in the backfield, to have those guys next to me in the backfield. I have a lot of confidence in them and like I said, they've had great weeks of practice and I know they're ready for it. They've had more reps and Trey's healthy and Elijah's healthy now. So, I feel very confident in those guys."

Do you feel that Trey has run read-option stuff before? Did it take very long for you and him to get on the same page as far as reading those together?

"He has great vision all around and I noticed that and the coaching staff noticed that. And I think that's a big reason of why he's here. But his vision of the field and making cuts and how big and physical he can be separates him for sure. And I think him and Elijah, like I said, the one-two punch with those two guys, they've done a great job, each other leading the new guys in the room, helping those guys come along since they had been here since, since OTAs and training camp but also learning from each other. So, it's been a ton of fun. And like I said, yeah, absolutely, Trey's done a great job with vision and you can tell he's done a lot of the same stuff."

Hall of Famer QB Steve Young said on the radio, a little before your time, but when he was with the Buccaneers early on, very athletic and he wasn't obviously totally refined as passer, but he said in watching you just the way you competed and you reminded him of the same kind of will he had. It was like, 'maybe I'm not totally ready in all areas, but I'm going to figure this out and I'm going to find a way to get it done.' I don't know, do you relate to that and obviously do you feel like, yeah, you can find your way through some of the things that maybe you're not ready for?

"I'm going to try to, yeah, for sure. I feel very prepared though. I really do. And I think, that's a credit to the coaching staff and the guys around me. Those guys that have made me feel very confident this week. And I feel confident in myself just as I did going into the Seattle game and just as I did every other week before this. But I'm definitely not going to put my name up there with that guy's name at all. But yeah, that's pretty cool that he's talking about me as well. But excited and feel ready for the week."

Have you met him yet or spoken to him?

"No, I haven't. I haven't."

Your first throw to TE George Kittle on Sunday was pretty well off the mark. Looking back was that nerves and was there any sort of, I don't know, joking about that with George or anybody else? Just, obviously, you got into a much better rhythm as the game went on.

"Yeah. I'll say the same thing now that I did right after the game. I wouldn't put it on nerves or anything like that. I think just maybe overthinking it. I'm not going to, again, make it a bigger deal than it is, it's an easy throw. I made it a million times, so I'm not even going to really think about it. But yeah, we joked about it a little bit after. Obviously, it would have been much more fun to joke after a W so we are going to get that done this week."

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