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What Kyle Shanahan, Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance, others said after 49ers-Chiefs

Aug 15, 2021 at 12:28 AM--

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San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance, and several other players spoke with reporters after the team's preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Here is everything they had to say.

Transcripts provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan

What was wrong with RB Elijah Mitchell?

"He had an abductor strain. We got an MRI on it yesterday. He's going to be a couple of weeks."

You said it'll be a couple of weeks?


What was your assessment of QB Trey Lance's debut?

"Some good, some bad. Made some big plays. I mean, obviously the one touchdown. Missed a couple, but you know, I thought it was a good first day though. I mean, some stuff to go over on film that we can improve on and some stuff that he did good though."

Why did you decide to keep him in the pocket and not use his legs to feature the full spectrum of his talents?

"I mean, touchdown he was out of the pocket."

I thought he was rolling out of the pocket?

"Well, you got to pull up to throw back across the field. You know?"

Why not run that?

"Cause that's what we wanted to do."

Is WR Brandon Aiyuk the first look on that on that designed play because obviously he's right in front of him and do you like that he came off of him obviously with somebody breaking deep at the time?

"Yeah. I mean, that's part of what you're trying to do. You're trying to run a rollout and if they don't cut it, you keep rolling out and throw on the move. And if they do you pull up outside the numbers and throw back and he did a pretty good job at it."

How do you assess the four sacks that QB Trey Lance took when he was on the field and how much responsibility falls on him versus the offensive line?

"I'm not sure on all of them. I mean, I'll have to look at the tape and I know we were in a long, third down, I believe on the first one. I couldn't tell if they blitzed. I couldn't tell if our back tripped our right guard or not. No, he's got a tough deal going against that player [Kansas City Chiefs DT Chris Jones] right there. But I didn't see all the others. I'll see when I get the tape though."

Can you tell us how on point he [Trey Lance] was with the decision-making and letting the ball go where it should of gone? Just kind of all the mechanics of getting in and out of the huddle?

"Yeah there was some good and some bad, I mean, by no means was it perfect. Definitely missed a couple. There was a couple of spots that you'd like them to go to different places. Sometimes a couple of balls that sailed on him I think he'd like to have back. But he also came out pretty good too, making the right plays, getting in the right spots. We had a couple of drops there with, especially on a third down that he could have kept the drive going if we had caught it. But it was a good first day. I mean, I didn't want it to go perfect for him. I'd like some things that he could learn from and there will be a lot of things that we can go over tomorrow."

I know one of the things you wanted to see was what Trey could do with the play calls and relaying those in the huddle. How did he do on that?

"I thought he had a good first day. Still a work in progress and I want him to improve. He wasn't perfect. So until he's perfect we're going to keep working on it."

Were you happy you got to see them in a variety of different situations? You had the ball on your own one yard line and you threw it on first down, Trey got to run the two-minute offense on two different possesions.

"Yeah, I was real happy with that and I thought he got a number of situations. It was in a bunch of down and distances and he was able to play in all the spots of the field. You put them in a lot of situations in practice that you want to come up in the game and I guess for about the two full quarters that he played, I thought he got more situations than I thought he would."

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned or not but you had Trey throw from the one yard line. On that first snap it looked like he was looking deep initially with a rookie in his first game you may want to give him a handoff or whatever. I mean, I don't know, does it say something about your confidence in him?

"I do have confidence in him. But there's not much to learn from your first time running on the one-yard line. So you'd rather start it out the harder way and whether it's good or bad, at least it's experience when it doesn't matter. So and then for him to make a big play like that, that guy wasn't the first read. The fullback in the flat is, and it took a hitch up and hit Charlie [Woerner] and made a big play, which was nice."

On the touchdown, QB Jimmy Garoppolo was celebrating as much or more as anyone else on the field. I know we make a big deal of the big deal for the quarterback situation. But is that an indicative of their actual relationship?

"Yeah, definitely. I mean, I think those guys genuinely like each other. I mean, they have known each other for a couple of months now, but being around them. I mean, we enjoy our quarterback room. Watching film, just hanging out, when we eat dinner together and I know those guys are pulling for each other all the time."

Have you guys signed or will you sign Free Agent LB Mychal Kendricks?

"I know we had him in today. I know we're trying to open. But I don't know if we did or not."

It's been reported that he's been signed.

"I didn't ask, but if we did, that's probably accurate. But I definitely don't know yet. I hope we did. But I'll know for sure. Probably when I go back in and ask."

How do you see him fitting in?

"I mean we played against Mychal for a long time. I mean, going back when I was in the NFC East, going against him in Philly all the time. And he's done a hell of a job in Seattle these last couple of years. And we've gotten banged up a little bit at linebacker and he was out there and we're hoping to bring him in and have some competition and hopefully add some depth too."

Why did the DB Deommodore Lenoir start over CB Ambry Thomas? And what did you see from those guys?

"I know they got a lot of man to man reps. I think they challenged them a bit, from what I saw and I know they got beat a couple of times, but I also saw them playing some tight coverage and not giving up. They got a lot of reps out there and never seemed to tire out. Well, I know they tired out, but they played their hardest and it'll be good to get that on tape and as much tape as you can get with those rookies, the better. And I think defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans put them in a lot of man situations, which is what we wanted to see. And now we'll grade the tape and see if we get better or worse from it."

What was you assessment of QB Josh Rosen's performance?

"I would have loved to have a chance to go down there in the two-minute [drive] at the end. A couple of tough situations, especially once you get a sack, but he had some good throws. Similar to Trey though there was a couple of things he left out there. But I thought it was a decent first performance performance."

As for the starters that didn't play, how much do you think you'll work them in this preseason? Or do you even intend to do it?

"No, I'd like to give them a little bit more next week. Especially the guys that didn't dress. I don't think I'll be able to do all of them. But then the third game will be our main one. I'd like to play them at least to half in the third game."

With that you had a few challenges, especially with that second group you put out there. Is that good, bad? So you see things they could work on but was it also a challenge for Lance?

"I think there's a couple of situations where you don't want to be in some third and longs and stuff. It's never good right there. And you can always get rid of the ball faster, just not to take a sack. But you know, Trey's got to find that part of his game, whether it hold onto it, try to make a play, whether to get rid of it. I thought there was a couple of times when we got beat off the edge where we were supposed to help a tackle a little bit from the guys who were in the backfield. Which is stuff you can go over and review, it's stuff you want to do in practice that they needed to do a little bit better in the game though."

Do you tell Trey it's ok to throw across the field?

"That's a play, we've run a lot. Ran against them last year. In the preseason, oh, not last year, two years ago in the preseason. They cut again, Jordan Matthews was open. We just overthrew him a little bit and we got the same look this year. No, it's just our bootlegs. And if it played a certain way, you pull up and you hit the big one."

Did you tell them, go push the ball downfield, I want you to push the ball downfield?

"No you don't. You call a play and you look at it. There's deep options a lot. It depends what play we call, but when you played teams who play quarters and they cut crossers and stuff and if you have the right play on then that's where you got to go, but you never just called deep or call short. It depends what the defense does. We can take a quick three-step drop and just throw slants and stuff, but usually on a play, you have three level throws a lot and it starts at the top level. And if they're backing up, then you go to the middle level and if the linebackers are deep, then you usually check it to a halfback or fullback in the flat."

It seems like when you guys signed WR Trent Sherfield it was mostly because of special teams. Has his ability to play receiver surprised you?

"We were hoping he could, we just didn't study him a ton on it. There wasn't a ton of tape on it. We liked how he was wired and how he could run and stuff and how physical he played on special teams. But getting him here right in OTAs, we saw the receiver ability. He's done that through OTAs, he's done it through training camp. And I think it showed up there today too."

How do you balance, wanting to get Trey reps, but also not, keeping some cards close to your vest and maybe not showing opponents how you're going to use him?

"That's every preseason. That's why we don't do a lot of that stuff. And definitely with Trey and definitely with all the other guys too. So that's why preseason games aren't the most fun games for coaches to gameplan or anything. You just try to put guys in certain situations that you can evaluate and give them a chance to make the team and give you and your coaching staff and personnel department a chance to evaluate them. So we have the best chance to pick out the best fifty-three."

Do you have initial impressions of S Talanoa Hufanga not only on defense, but also on special teams?

"I saw he made some plays today. I thought I saw a tackle on special teams, saw a couple of hits on defense. I think he's getting better each week and he's one of the guys I'm excited to watch how he played though."

WR Jauan Jennings is another guy who sat out last year. He was active today.

"Jauan, we're hoping can come on strong here and he got a late start being out with COVID and everything. No, he had a good screen today. He caught a good seam over the middle. You guys can see his hands and how aggressive he is after he catches the ball. But he got a lot of playing time. So we wanted to do that, so it'll be good for us to evaluate him when we get in there. All right. Thanks guys."

QB Jimmy Garoppolo

What did you think of your short set out there today?

"I thought it was good. Good to get back out there. Kinda knock some of the rust off and everything. It was a short, but I thought it was pretty productive."

In what ways?

"I just got, got the ball out quick. I kind of wanted to get hit a little bit, but then get the opportunity. I guess it's a good thing. But no, I just thought the team overall, it was good. Getting back out there with everyone, getting in the huddle, getting that feel again and just feeling the fans on us again. It was cool."

What would you describe the mood on the sideline from yourself and everybody else when 49ers QB Trey Lance hit that 80-yard touchdown?

"Oh, it was awesome. It was awesome. We kind of saw it coming, you know, knowing the play and everything I've watched and [49ers WR] Trent [Sherfield] the whole time and he just broke the guy off and Trey put a beautiful pass out there. I mean, it was really cool. Having the fans back in the stadium was a really cool atmosphere to just, you don't realize how much you miss them until they're not there."

Is that the same play you ran against the Packers in 2019 when you hit 49ers TE George Kittle?

"Similar. Yeah. I wouldn't say it was exactly the same, but yes, very similar."

Are you coached to go to the deep option there? I know 49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk was there on the sideline. What's the progression there?

"I'll let Trey walk you through it, but yeah, you got a couple of different options, I guess. I think Trey definitely picked the right one."

How much do you look forward to joint practices. Do you view that as better work overall?

"Yeah, I liked camp a lot, but I think it gets to a point where you get you're sick of hitting the same guys over and over seeing the same defenses over and over. So to get a new look from my charges next week will be good for us. I think kind of give us a little life."

You've said a few times that you've never really been in a two quarterback situation, that you're not quite sure. Not even a two quarterback. What is the package for that? Have you discussed that recently? Do you feel more comfortable with the idea?

"It hasn't even been brought up at all. No, just really when you're in camp, you're grinding, you're, you're worried about the things that you can control and things that you want to get better at and try to make your weaknesses, your strengths. So I think it's a kind of more focused on that right now."

I know your series out there was short, do you feel like you got out of it?

"Yeah, I mean, I kind of knew going into it that was going to be short. It was just kind of get the feel for things knock some of the, like I said, knock some of the rust off and I haven't played in a little while, but yeah, I thought it was overall. Pretty good."

Is this the most challenging part of this situation for you?

"I don't know, I think initially it was probably the toughest part. I think I'm past the tough parts is now it's just go play football and you know, that's what I've really enjoyed doing. And so, you know, at the end of the day, I'm out there playing with my guys and that's all I could ask for."

Does Trey come to you during the game for advice or is that strictly 49er QB Coach Rich Scangarello and Kyle Shanahan?

"No I've said this before our quarterback room, we've got a good group. Just all of us coming together, having a couple of times in the sideline when, I mean, whether it was Trey or [49ers QB] Josh [Rosen] came over and was asking questions, I got no problem answering them and helping them out. And yeah, I think it's a good group we have it'll be good going forward."

QB Trey Lance

How did it go?

"It was fun. I obviously left a lot of big plays out there. Wish I would've, you know, taken advantage of the opportunities that were given a few times, especially at the end of the half and starting that first drive of the second half. But I mean, it was awesome to be out there playing again, have great guys around me, obviously just needed to do a little bit better job getting those guys the ball."

Can you walk us through the touchdown, what you saw pre-snap and what you saw post-snap?

"Yeah, it was a naked with a break really, we call it a keeper with a break. So the plan was you had to come around the edge and pull up and see [WR] Trent [Sherfield], he set his angle perfectly, as you saw. So for me, it was, you know, working Trent and then working to the high cross coming back down. He was my first look. I was a little bit nervous coming around because the corner had gotten hands on him a little bit, so he was probably at you know, five to 10 yards where typically if he didn't have hands on, he'd be already, you know, down the field at 15. But yeah, he made a great play, obviously set the angle perfectly. So for me it was one of those situations, obviously I wanted to try to get the ball in his hands."

When you come off the field after that a pretty big line of people congratulating you pretty happy. What was that moment like and was it stunning just to be in the middle of that?

"Yeah, it was super exciting. You know, it's the kind of moment you dream of scoring your first touchdown. Even though it's pre-season, it was pretty cool. With my teammates, the guys in that locker room that they were so excited for me and for Trent making that play. So it was for sure a special moment, wish I could have, again, capitalized on the opportunities that came after that."

Was there a moment in your football career or a coach who trained you early to when you do make mistakes to just keep firing?

"I mean, that's just kind of what football is, especially this position. Just continuing to turn the page on mistakes. And I thought I did that mentally. But obviously like I said, didn't make every play tonight. The plays that were called were really, really good ones. So let some really big ones out there that I noticed and we noticed on the sideline. So for me, it was frustrating, obviously leaving those plays out there. I wanted to put more points on the board and put [QB] Josh [Rosen] in the better situation coming into the game and our defense played so well that gave us a shot to stay in it that whole game. So for me again, yeah, a little frustrated, but at the same time, I'm super excited to go watch the tape and learn from everything that I did. Super excited for next week.

When do you watch the tape?

"Oh, I'll watch game again tonight for sure. Yeah."

What was the biggest difference tonight and the last time you played a game?

"There were fans in the stadium, I guess that's a big one. Different offense, different coaches, different teammates, and I'm in California. But no, it was a ton of fun for sure. Like I said, I was excited to come out and have this first opportunity. And like I said, you know, left some big ones out there, but at the end of the day, I learned a lot and can continue to learn a lot and get better."

You got sacked four times in the first half. Was there a reason you didn't use your legs more or did you want to show you can execute from the pocket?

"Just different situations. Obviously, like I said, it's another opportunity getting the ball out of my hands into the guys that are, you know, dynamic making plays. So for me, it's something, again that I'm going to continue to learn from, get the ball out of my hands, getting into those guys' hands. But offensive line did a great job today. It's on me 100-percent as far as protection goes and everything like that. Like you said, me using my legs to make plays and extend place and extend drives. Wish I would have done that a little bit better tonight as well."

How did everything go operationally just in terms of getting the play calls from the headset and spitting it out?

"It was good. I thought there was a few, I think miscues or a few times where I had to ask coach [head coach Kyle] Shanahan to say the play again. But for me, I thought going back from when we started, my first time hearing the play in the helmet, I felt really confident going into it and it felt confident throughout the game hearing the calls."

You're at the one-yard line. You can take over and the coach calls a passing play and it's pretty far downfield. What was that moment like? Do you start looking at the goal line and say wait a minute I can's screw this up?

"I mean, it was another awesome play call from coach. Put me in another position to be successful and put the guys in the offense in position to be successful. My mindset coming out is just to get the first, first down and keep the drive moving. [TE] Charlie [Woerner] made a great play, great catch, and won his one-on-one. For me again, just another situation where I needed to get him the ball."

Your teammates say that you don't seem to have any jitters. Are there jitters and you're really good at hiding it?

"I mean, I think every game, I guess my mindset is just to prepare to the point where I know I've done everything I can to put myself in a position to be successful. So I guess that's kind of my mindset, same thing. At that point, you know, going into every game, I feel like I'm confident and don't really have a whole lot to be nervous about. But yeah, like I said, left a few big ones out there. So very, very excited and ready to get back to work."

There were no rushing plays for you today. Were there opportunities where in hindsight you thought maybe, okay, I probably should have taken off and run on this play?

"None specifically. You know, there was a scramble early on that first drive to [WR Brandon Aiyuk] B.A. should have gotten the ball honestly earlier, could have just put it on him without having to move out of the pocket at all. But I guess that's another thing just going back and watching the tape, will learn as much as I can from that."

Was getting hit by an NFL defensive player a little bit different from what you faced in college? There was a couple of times where you got crunched by guys, as well as the sacks.

"Honestly, I don't know if it was a whole lot different. It's, you know, football is football. But yeah, the guys are faster for sure. Guys are coming at me, making plays, probably more disguises for sure than I saw in college. But yeah, I thought our offensive line did a great job. I think a few of them probably looked a lot worse on the TV than they felt."

How do you think you did in terms of assessing pressure and sort of moving in the pocket?

"I'm going to go back and watch the tape for sure. And learn from it. Definitely, like I said, left plays out there. What it was today wasn't as good as it could have been. I thought coach Shanahan had some, really big play calls that could have been really, really big plays that I left out there for sure. But again, to continue to learn it and super excited to watch that tape and really see what I'm missing, what I felt."

When you watch that tape, take us through your process of how you break it down. Do you write down what things you want to work on or things that you missed, like you did it incorrectly versus correctly?

"Yeah. I mean, obviously I'll focus on what I did incorrectly more than I'll focus on what I did well. But I mean, there's something I can learn on pretty much every play out there, from, you know, that [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] ran that I ran and that Josh ran. So it'll be good for me to go through and watch it. And my first time in a game setting being tackled in a while, so, excited to go back and watch that and really see kind of if what I felt lined up with what I was seeing on tape."

QB Josh Rosen

Getting here last year, I don't think we ever had a chance to talk to you. How have you kind of soaked it in and what are you looking to accomplish during your time here?

"It's been really awesome. Top to bottom, this is an amazing organization. It's been a pleasure. I really look forward to coming to work every day and [San Francisco 49ers Head Coach] Kyle's [Shanahan] a brilliant offensive coordinator/head coach. Today out in the field, I didn't feel great about my performance, but in general, just coming to work every day, it's really fun playing football. I like playing for these guys, I like playing with this team. So in general, it's very positive, I've had a lot of fun."

I just want to talk about different quarterbacks that are in your room. Everybody's saying that it's great, everyone gets along, you guys support each other. What is it like in there?

"Very positive. I think it's kind of cool because we all have different skill sets. I think we all play the game a little bit differently and so we take from one another. [San Francisco 49ers QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] is the established vet and he's a really, really good football player and makes a lot of really quick decisions. It's cool to watch him in practice. We're all supporting one another and even out there, we're all locked in regardless of who's in. I felt very supported by all the other quarterbacks in that second half."

Kyle had some criticisms of you, he said you started off camp and had sort of fallen off a little bit. What was your reaction to that and how do you sort of take criticism?

"I don't really get many reps in practice, so you just have to sort of weather the emotional rollercoaster when one or two out of your three throws in live team reps aren't very good. So you definitely have to mentally work on keeping sort of a calm head. The best quarterbacks in the game are so good, because they're so disciplined in making their reads. They checked the ball down when they need to and they take completions when it's there. Sometimes if you're in a competition, you only get two or three throws a day. You just can't do something to try and show off or this, that, or whatever. You just have to say disciplined. If your four throws of the day are going to be two to the back and two in the flats or something like that, then that's what it has to be. So I'm just trying to learn the offense and get used to it and take advantage of every opportunity I have."

With the offenses you've already been in in the NFL, what distinguishes this one from the others?

"I really wanted to come here. I was very glad I got the opportunity at the end of last year because Kyle's offense just uses all different kinds of personnel. You get to attack like base defense in the past game and it's just very dynamic. It's not a throwback offense because they still use a fullback, it's like this really cool blending of worlds that just confuses the defense with all these kinds of motions. There are all these run checks that like to take advantage of very, very specific looks. I've seen it from afar the last couple of years and have always been very curious about how it goes. At the end of the day, a lot of it's just time, effort, and intelligence and these coaches are just really smart and they put a lot of time in and they go through every single look and how they want to attack a defense very, very specifically. And they spell it out for us. We didn't game plan like crazy for this pre-season, but when I was here for the last two games last year, it was just so detailed and specific and it's just different. I really enjoy it."

In the past would you watch other defenses when they played the 49ers offense? Is that how you kind of would like start thinking about – ?

"Yeah, in a QB room usually there's downtime throughout the year when you just kind of sit back and watch other offenses, or you'll watch big play cut ups around the league, or cool plays or this, that whatever and the Niners just kept popping up. Those little half back choices kept going for 70."

When it comes to the first round pick, when you look at [San Francisco 49ers QB] Trey Lance, how do you see him handling his entry into the NFL?

"I think he's doing really well. He's very talented and he's just gone about it really well. He's got just sort of a level head and done what the coaches asked for him. I think the coaches are doing a really good job with sort of bringing him up and progressing him. He's not repeating a lot of mistakes. So a lot of the mistakes you saw in OTAs and early training camp, I think he's doing a good job of fixing them and moving on. Anything I can do to help him, I'm doing. I think he's going to be really good football player. I'm excited for him."

There's a lot of intrigue from us and fans about Trey, just how he was looking at an NFL setting after a small school and not a whole lot of experience, was that element with you guys in the quarterback room to see how he would perform in a game situation?

"I don't know about uniquely Trey. I think whenever you get a first round pick, particularly a quarterback, you're very intrigued to see him play because your eyes are conditioned to seeing them in the last jersey they were playing in. I mean I'm curious about all the quarterbacks around the league, especially the rookies and see how they're going to play."

LB Jonas Griffith

How did this game feel for you? How'd you feel?

"It feels amazing, honestly, it's my first time in the NFL and it was, it was great, man. It was everything I wanted and wished for and thought of growing as a kid, it was being on the practice squad last year. It was everything I wanted it more honestly."

49ers Outside Linebackers Coach John Holland said you lost 15 pounds over the last year? What would you work on and how do you sort of, you know, wrap it up your game?

"I think the biggest thing for me was nutrition. I think taking nutrition seriously and my body's my temple, as they say, and things like that. And I think that was the biggest thing, getting on the right meal plan, talking to the nutrition staff here and things like that. I think they helped out a lot."

You know, when you're coming in as a rookie, you said with a season on the practice squad, usually people who spent their rookie season on the practice squad played in preseason. So was that something that you really missed last year? Do you feel like you're kind of robbed of that?

"I definitely missed it. I think that was a disadvantage for me, as well as a lot of other rookies. Undrafted specifically, I feel like that was a huge disadvantage, but I'm happy for the opportunity that I got today and this year."

What did you try to do behind the scenes last year to make sure that you were back here and that you got your shot?

"The biggest thing for me was just soaking everything up from guys like [49ers LB] Fred Warner and [49ers OLB] Dre Greenlaw, those guys are the best at what they do. And I feel like that was the biggest thing for me is just seeing how they go about their day-to-day business and stuff like that. So just trying to emulate what they do."

Practicing against 49ers QB Trey Lance, how much does he stress a linebacker, just given his athleticism and what you have to account for with making off schedule plays?

"Oh, I feel like that was definitely a bonus in training camp, going against him gets you ready for the season and things like that. Trey is a great athlete as well as a great passer and he's the total package, you know? So that was a great opportunity to go against him every day."

Even when Dre was out there today, I believe you were, you're still at MIKE. What was the process of sticking with that, and if you have you repped solo in MIKE's group throughout camp?

"Throughout camp I've actually played MIKE and SAM, when [49ers OLB] Azeez [Al-Shaair] and Flan [49ers LB, Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles] went down, they moved me to SAM and just trying to learn that, just trying to learn as much as I can right now, you know, just so I can help the team any way possible."

You had two passes to defense today? How much is that part of your game being able to cover guys?

"I would say I definitely worked on that this off season, but I mean, I tried to make a play on the ball and the ball was right there. So I feel, that was the biggest thing."

What's it like having a defensive coordinator who was a linebacker and knows that position as well as that anymore?

"It's a blessing, honestly. I feel like he brought me in here, honestly, and I owe him a lot. He counts on me, he wants a lot out of you. He also loves you and cares for you too, you know? So I feel like having him as a former linebacker coach is a blessing because he demands a lot out of you, but he also cares for you."

When you say 49ers Defensive Coordinator DeMeco Ryans brought you in here, do you mean he sort of asked for you back this preseason?

"I mean I would say that when I came in as an undrafted rookie last year, he was probably one person that stood on the table for me. And so, you know, I'm forever thankful for him for that."

In practice the last week or so you've gotten a lot of reps. How much do you think you've grown, just in the short amount of time, given all the reps you took?

"I would say I've grown substantially. I mean, you can't really emulate or correlate plays you can't really get that any other way by just getting out there and playing. And I feel like that was really huge for me getting out there and getting reps with the ones as well as the twos and just getting my feet in the ground and just moving fast."

DB Deommodore Lenoir

So, how did it feel?

"It was a crazy feeling. Man, just to see all the fans there and just to see my parents in the stands, I was just living a dream."

Can you describe that interception play, how quickly that ball kind of got on you and how you were able to--?

"Oh yeah, it happened so fast, but I just want to thank the D-Line for getting there and just being able to cause the quarterback to make a bad decision. I've got to give it up to the D-Line."

At what point did you know you would be running with the ones?

"I think it was about two days ago I found out. I was excited actually just to get in there and be able to run with the ones. It's every kid's dream."

Do you get more, are there more butterflies?

"Yeah, it actually did cause a little bit of butterflies knowing that I was just second on every special teams. So that was my first snap, because it was just going to be straight defense, yeah I was kind of nervous."

What about your journey from feeling like you're lost in the facility to starting your first preseason game and how far you've come in just this short time?

"Yeah, it's crazy. Just seeing that I was just coming here feeling like a freshman all over again, and then to be able to make a big play in the game was actually, it was mind blowing."

What was the reception of the guys on the sidelines for you? What was the reaction from the guys on the bench for you?

"Oh, everybody was cheering for me. I felt like I've been there before. I had guys like [San Francisco 49ers CB] Jason [Verrett], [San Francisco 49ers CB] K'Waun Williams, [San Francisco 49ers CB] E-Man [Emmanuel Moseley]. It was just the whole defense really. Everybody was excited. I felt like I was accepted into the brotherhood."

When you first got here were you mostly nickel?

"No, when I first got here, I was playing all corner."

Were you expecting to play nickel? I know San Francisco 49ers defensive passing game specialist/secondary Cory Undlin said you fit solely on the outside, but did you expect to play that when you got here?

"I was, I actually thought about it and I was always just trying to learn it just in case they would put me there. Just being able to do everything."

You practice against San Francisco 49ers QB Trey Lance a pretty good amount. So how much does velocity, or does that change the way you need to cover guys? Are you cognizant of how fast the ball can be when he's throwing it?

"Yeah, most definitely. Trey is very talented. I actually played with a quarterback that was just like him with arm strength and then being able to make them tight window throws. So it was just, I was always prepared, but Trey is a great, great player."

Was that Los Angeles Chargers QB Justin Herbert?

"Yeah, Justin Herbert."

WR Trent Sherfield

So, can you just walk us through that touchdown with what you saw?

"Yeah, man. I just got this question not too long ago, but we had that play planned for the whole week and was pretty sure that [head coach] Kyle [Shanahan] was going to call it for me. I kind of just walk myself through that play all week, trying to kind of envision how the route would be and scoring the touchdown and all those good things. Great ball by [QB] Trey [Lance]. Put it in a good position for me to go make a play and to go score a touchdown and help the team."

You were running a long time before the ball was thrown to you. You kind of got bumped a little bit too?

"Yeah, yeah. At the line it was kind of iffy there for a little bit, but was able to kind of shake the defender and make the move that I was supposed to make and break away from him. And the ball was placed where it needed to be. Just ran my route and just trusted that Trey could find me and he did.

Was it supposed to really travel that far in the air?

"Yeah, it was a deep ball, so yeah. Normally it's supposed to go that far.

It seems like you and Trey have had a pretty good connection throughout camp. How was that developed?

"Yeah, man. Being able to play with Trey is an amazing thing. He's a young phenom, man. He's going to be really, really good in this league. Just building that relationship with him has been really, really good. Not just with Trey, but also with [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] too. All the quarterbacks, I play with [QB] Nate [Sudfeld], play with [QB] Josh [Rosen] and Jimmy. All those guys and being able to work with all of them has been a really, really fun opportunity and whenever the ball come my way, no matter who it's from, got to catch it and make a play."

So when that play is called, you expect it to come to you?

"Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Like I said we walked through the play today. Actually walked through the play today at the hotel. And like I said, just kind of visualizing myself all week running the route, making the catch and going to score to touchdown."

That play was installed after the seven day install?

"No, we've had that play installed. So installed that play during camp, during OTA. So it has been in for a while. Obviously, I've known the play. Like I said, it's been installed since OTA, but coach Shanahan, he just wanted to have it up for this game. And like I said, I knew he was going to call it while I was in there and just putting myself through that play to go make it."

How enjoyable is it as a receiver to have a quarterback that you know is going to be willing to make those plays downfield?

"Man. It's amazing. Having that trust is a big key component between the receiver and the quarterback. It's very, very important, him knowing that he can trust me to be in the right spot and me knowing that I can trust him that it's going to be there. And so for me, I think that that's really huge as a receiver and as a quarterback. It works both ways being able to trust each other."

Kyle said that one thing that he likes about Trey is that when you make mistakes, he keeps firing. Were you surprised by that?

"Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah, man, he's a competitor. And for me, just watching him out there today, he looked very, very poised. Very, very poised. You expect some guys, rookies, to be a little bit shaken up, but Trey, he's not. He's not shaken at all. He loves the moment. He plays big in the moment, man. I can't wait to see him continue to grow and continue to ascend."

What's the velocity like on his balls?

"Oh man, he throws a really, really good ball man. And like I said, for me as a receiver, it's not anything really different to me. The ball is in the air, I've got to catch it. So that's really the only thing that I'm focusing on that."

Below is what several members of the Kansas City Chiefs had to say after the game.

Head coach Andy Reid

Opening Comments:

"Alright just as far as injuries go, [Kansas City Chiefs LB] Darius Harris, [Kansas City Chiefs WR] Marcus Kemp just, he should be fine. Harris had a finger that dislocated. Kemp a shoulder should be good. [Kansas City Cheifs LB] Cole [Riley], right ankle, again I think we'll be okay there. And then [Kansas City Chiefs RB Elijah] McGuire, left hand. So listen, there are plenty of things we're going to have a chance to work on. I thought the defense did some good things. The offense got the touchdown or what, I thought that was good. And then the way we finished was good, all the way around. The time's yours."

I know it's limited snaps, but looking at the trench play, how'd you think your offensive line did for its first time out there and you seemed to get some good play from the interior on your D-line?

"Yeah, so I left them in there so they get a little bit more work and I wanted to get [Kansas City Chiefs QB] Chad [Henne] some work with them, so it worked out good. I mean, they, I thought they did a nice job and there were some little things there we got to clean up, but they did a good job."

Are they where you want them to be generally speaking at this time, just as far as like cohesiveness, five new guys playing together?

"Yeah I mean, they're getting there. We still have plenty of room to go, but for where we're at right now, I'd say yes. And I mean, do we need to get better there? Yeah, we need to keep working together."

Kansas City Chiefs QB Shane Buechele's game-winning drive Coach, what was your message to him before he took the field with less than two minutes to go?

"Yeah, just go play, you know, go play. And what kind of head of a coach EB [Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy] did a nice job of getting him kind of coached up on plays in advance that we were going to use. So it worked out good."

I know you have to look at the film and to get a proper evaluation on the players, but how do you think Kansas City Chiefs WR Daurice Fountain did just from the bird's eye view what you saw?

"Yeah, so we wanted to get a look at him today and we had him targeted a few times and I thought I did a nice job. He eye pointed the ball well. He's been doing that in camp. You know, he's done a nice job there. So it was good to get him the ball."

What were your impressions of San Francisco 49ers QB Trey Lance for the 49ers?

"Ah, you're in good hands. Yeah, he's a good player. He looked very poised, composed, and he had a nice play on the firecracker there that he shot down the field."

Any thoughts on the interior defensive line? Is that perhaps a strength for this team based on what you saw today?

"Yeah. Well, you know, we had a couple guys out, and then we had a couple guys work it in there, so I thought we did a nice job. [Kansas City Chiefs DT Khalen Saunders] 99 had some good snaps in there. He's had a good camp."

You mentioned the firecracker play. Was that just a rookie mistake, a young guy player?

"Yeah, it's a double move play so we bet on it but you learn."

QB Shane Buechele

So Kansas City Head Coach Andy Reid mentioned to you that he just said, "Hey, go out and play." What was your mindset going into that last drive?

"That was exactly it. Just go out and play, you know, we do those situations in practice the two-minute situations. So no, I felt prepared. I was ready and, you know, my teammates did a great job of just helping me just drive down the field and, you know, happily we got a touchdown, so it was good."

You've been in these kinds of situations before, obviously in college, but how special was it for you and your first professional action, even though it is a pre-season game?

"Yeah, you know, it was pretty cool. It was, it was cool. And just like I said, you know, we worked for these situations and you know, a bunch of NFL games they're tied at the end. So, you know, we're going to have to do one of these situations eventually. So, you know, we worked in practice and, you know, thankfully we were prepared for that moment."

When you get the final play called are you thinking the whole time you're keeping it?

"No. No, definitely not. I wanted to go over and punch it in. But just with the read that happened, the end bit, the up and there was a scraper and I was able to get inside of. So you know, it's just the way it happened."

Well, what jumps out to you about the reaction from your teammates?

"It was pretty cool, you know, just coming back to the sideline and then being happy for me and just being happy for us as a team, you know, just being able to get a win, our first one of the season. You know, it's pre-season, but we want to win every game. So you know, it's just exciting to come in at an away game, it's hard to win in general, but win away games, so you know, I was happy to get a win."

OT Orlando Brown

So, what would you take posts from this experience playing a couple of series and just getting a feel for the offense?

"Yeah, pretty sure it's always tough in that sense, man. Cause it seems like it coming out as this is your, you know, me trying to get where you want to be mentally. But I'll just take it as an opportunity to go against these people, you know, different people in a new situation, obviously a different defensive scheme than you see in the practice, different players. So I just use it as an opportunity to, especially now learning the system, just mixing certain things in and seeing how people got it."

How much does that first play that the offense ran, designed to set a tone or send a message through the 49ers defense wide open and ever delivered, easily a 10 yard run?

"Well that's something we're definitely priding ourselves on is to really just set the tone. And upfront [Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Line] Coach [Andy] Heck has emphasized that, me, I've emphasized that [Kansas City Chiefs G] Joe Thuney and all the other guys as well. So that's really just been the mindset; being able to set the tone, especially in the run game when they called him our number."

How cool was it to have the experience with the three rookies alongside you when you guys punched it in on that second drive?

"Oh, it's awesome, man. It's awesome. I'm so happy for all three of them. It's a great opportunity that they have, especially playing for an organization like this being able to go off and Patrick [Kansas City Chiefs QB, Patrick Mahomes] man, I mean, it's such a, such a blessed, such a blessing, such a great opportunity for them to come into in this league, man. You know, I got high hopes and high praise for them."

You've talked about in training camp, working on some different things. The other day Patrick was talking about you guys having conversations about, you know, just sort of specific, but where are you on sort of the adjustment from where you were to Kansas City and how do you think that went tonight?

"Now, I'll have to see the film, you know, to be really be able to tell you. Just simply based off the fundamentals, I know that I, you know, my guy might have made a plate, but you know, I'll have to go back and really study the film, really let you know specifically. But just as far as certain things I've been working on with Patrick, really just getting a feel for it. You know, as a left tackle and an offensive lineman period, it's always good to know where your quarterback wants to be, what he wants to do, what he's thinking in certain situations. And that can help me react or put my player wherever I need to put it so he can do what he needs to do best."

Were you able to catch any of QB Trey Lance? Do you have any impression of his play today?

"I'll really wasn't. I wasn't able to."

WR Daurice Fountain

Kansas City Head Coach Andy Reid said that he wanted you to get some looks today. What do you think worked for you based on learning the offense and the OTAs, mandatory and ops and training camp?

"I just really want to enter the game today, just saying I got to take advantage of my reps. Coach Reid and [Kansas City WR coach] Joe [Bleymaier] and everybody else, they've been doing a really good job of helping me prepare, just get ready for these preseason games, just to get an opportunity to go and showcase my skill."

You've obviously been through this situation or these kinds of things before with your time with the Colts. How special is it to you that the Chiefs did decide to take a chance on you? And now you get a chance to do it for the Chiefs?

"It's really special. You know, the Chiefs have always been an elite team in the league, so when they just gave me an opportunity, I was just grateful. I just had to thank God because obviously you could see this receiver core is stacked. So coming in off the rookie mini camp try out and all that stuff, I was like man, this is just all the blessings. Just we're building this stuff to me, so it's real special."

You mentioned the wide receiver room is stacked. What do you think you bring to that unit and what makes you unique?

"I just tried to bring a physical presence, you know, a lot of them guys, they're just a track team in that room. So it's like, I just try to bring that physical presence man. I just try to play my game. Whatever it may be, anything they want me to do, I just want to bring that to the receiver core."

Did you know Shane had moves like that? Did you know he had wheels like that?

"That's my guy, man. I actually did [Kansas City QB] Shane's [Buechele] pro day for him when he was coming out of SMU, so I was happy to see him get that moment."


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