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Trey Sermon discusses being drafted by the 49ers

Apr 30, 2021 at 10:51 PM--

New San Francisco 49ers running back Trey Sermon spoke with reporters after being drafted in the third round. Here is everything he had to say.

Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

You are known for being a violent runner. Is that one of your best qualities and what do you think about bringing that physicality to a game?

"I definitely feel like it's one of my best qualities and I feel like just as a running back, you have to have it. So, with me having that, bringing that to the game, I feel like it is huge. Just being a physical runner, making guys miss, always fighting for extra yards. It's a way to keep the chains moving and keep the offense rolling."

How aware were you of the Niners interest in you and also do you know much about running backs coach Bobby Turner and how did you feel about getting to know him during this process?

"I knew they were pretty interested. I talked with coach Turner a lot, actually. Throughout my process, he's probably the coach that I talked to the most. So, over time I was able to just get real familiar with him and just build a great relationship. I just learned a lot about him. He's a great guy. A lot of the guys on the team, they mess with him, but again, he's just a great coach."

Probably not the first time you've been asked this, but what led you to transfer to Ohio State?

"I was just looking for a better opportunity. I felt like I was able to develop and have a great career at Oklahoma and then after my injury there, again, I was just looking for a better opportunity and I felt like Ohio State was the best place for me."

Just from afar, just given what the 49ers did yesterday and how big of a score that was on top of some of the other weapons on offense that are still pretty young in their careers, what's the excitement level and how do you view those guys from afar? Also, did you get to talk to head coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch at one of the Ohio State Pro Days?

"It is very exciting. Just again, being a part of this organization, it's a great team and a lot of guys there are young. I'm just looking forward to it and I didn't get to talk with them. I wasn't at Ohio State's second Pro Day and I know that's the one they came to. I didn't really get to talk to them until a couple of minutes ago."

How much have you watched the 49ers? How familiar are you with the success their running backs have had and how would you say that your skillset fits into what Kyle Shanahan likes to run, which is primarily the outside zone?

"I'm pretty familiar with them. Again, I knew they ran outside zone a lot because I studied it when I was coming to Ohio State because I know Ohio State runs a lot of outside zone.

So, I was able to get pretty familiar with it and just watching the running backs there, I felt like I fit in well. I bring a lot to the table. Again, I'm able to run the zone very well. I'm a great receiving back as well."
We know in the national championship game, you had the little shoulder that you'd kind of dealt with and played through it. I'm assuming no issues there, everything healthy on that front? You didn't need surgery or anything, did you?

"No, sir. No surgery. I'm a hundred percent."

I was wondering why people, when they think running backs, they think the only way you have an explosive play is if he runs a 4.4, 4.3? What do you say to people like that? Because that's been one of your critiques, he lacks homerun speed quote, unquote.

"Well, I feel like I have great speed and for the people who say I don't have homerun speed, I feel like they haven't cut on the tape. I've had a lot of long runs in my career. Against Michigan State, I had a 7-yard touchdown. Again, I feel like I have all the tools to be a great running back. So, for people to say that's an issue for me, I disagree. I'm just glad that this organization believes in me and I have the opportunity. I'm going to make the most of it."

Trey, did you get a chance to spend much time or get to know offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel? He's known as somebody who's kind of a mad genius as far as designing a very creative running game. So the question is, did you meet him and what do you know about that running game and how you'd fit into it?

"I didn't meet him yet, but I just know that I fit in well with what they do. Again, I know they love the outside zone a lot, and that's one thing that was our bread and butter at Ohio State. So, I'm pretty familiar with how he likes to get guys mixed in and just get that going. Again, I feel like this is a great fit for me and I'm going to be able to have a big impact."

Going back, how long ago did the 49ers reach out to you? Did it go back towards January, towards the end of the college season, or was it more recent?

"They first reached out, I want to say, a little bit after the Senior Bowl and I've just been in pretty much contact with, with coach Turner since then. We talked quite a bit throughout my training down in Florida, and then even leading up to my Pro Day. After we talked quite a bit, too."

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