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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Irvin: 49ers would win the Super Bowl ‘every year’ with Deshaun Watson

Jan 12, 2021 at 8:17 AM--

Hall of Fame wide receiver turned analyst Michael Irvin joins Bay Area radio every week to discuss all things football. So, of course, 95.7 The Game's Damon Bruce had to ask Irvin about the possibility of the San Francisco 49ers adding a dynamic and exciting player like quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Watson is not happy with the Houston Texans, which has led to speculation that the quarterback could request a trade. Naturally, that means nearly every fanbase that feels Watson would be an upgrade over their team's current quarterback situation is creating online chatter about a trade.

"I had already heard about all of the mess that was going on inside of Houston, but I thought no way, no way it would get to this place," Irvin told Bruce, Ray Ratto, and Matt Kolsky.

Watson is upset after being told he would be consulted in the Texans' process of hiring a new general manager and head coach, and then failing to follow through. That comes after the team traded away one of his best offensive weapons, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, last year.

As for a Watson-to-49ers trade, count Irvin among those who feel that could be dangerous for the rest of the NFL.

"If you can get an elite talent at that position, forget getting to a Super Bowl, you're talking about being able to do to the Super Bowl each and every year," Irvin added. "And Deshaun Watson is certainly that super talent that we were just talking about. If you can get him and put him with that in San Fran, Holy Smoly Moly, it's off the chain."

Irvin argues that Watson has to factor in his legacy when deciding whether Houston is the right place for him. Joining head coach Kyle Shanahan with the 49ers would likely be a better situation for the disgruntled quarterback.

Of course, acquiring Watson from Houston would be costly for San Francisco.

"I'm willing to give up the draft picks and (Jimmy) Garoppolo," Irvin responded. "You can take Garoppolo. You can take the draft picks. Two first-rounders and Garoppolo. And with Deshaun wanting to leave, I don't know why that wouldn't get it done. You get a serviceable quarterback (in Garoppolo), and you've got two first-round draft picks coming. I'm willing to make that trade."

That's about all Irvin would surrender, though. He would not trade away the 49ers' other talented playmakers, like tight end George Kittle or wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, because the point is to pair Watson with those weapons.

Added Irvin: "And I'm willing to give up the two first-rounders, and Garoppolo, and if I need to, maybe a third- and a fourth-rounder, something like that."

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