Photo courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers

Photo courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers

49ers: Mike McGlinchey feels he’s had a ‘solid year,’ criticizes ‘lazy narrative’ from critics

Oct 14, 2020 at 2:00 PM--

Mike McGlinchey welcomes criticism of his play, so long as the critic is looking at the entire body of his work instead of picking out a play or two here and there. He acknowledged that he has made mistakes this season. However, McGlinchey feels that his overall performance has been better than many are making it out to be.

The third-year tackle sees the analysis on social media and is fine with it, so long as it is done right.

Said McGlinchey on Wednesday: "Obviously, I don't really appreciate people who are the armchair quarterbacks that take a 30-second clip off of Twitter and think they understand offensive-line play. I don't like that."

Pro Football Focus grades show that McGlinchey's overall play has been improving as the season progresses — if you put stock into the analytics site. His run-blocking grade of 84.6 is a career-high. However, his pass-blocking grade, which analysts feel has been a weak area of his game, is at a career-low of 55.6.

McGlinchey expressed on Wednesday that he remains confident in his play, no matter how many critics pop up on social media.

"In terms of the overall picture, I'd ask those people to watch the entire game," McGlinchey continued, "because I'm pretty confident that other than the one or two (mistakes) that have happened, that have been glaring, I've been putting together a pretty good season. And I continue to get better each week.

"Obviously, I have to clean up the mistakes that are made. I can't let those happen. I can't be the guy that lets our team down in any situation, whether it's one play, whether it's 10 plays.

"But yeah, I think each week, it's gotten better and better. I think the things that you have been saying have been a little bit over the top. I think nobody's watching a complete football game. They're chasing a lazy narrative of one play or two, and they see something on Twitter, and they think they have it figured out.

"I think it's been a solid year. Obviously, I have a lot of things to continue to improve on, but I've been doing that week to week, and I just have to clean up the one or two a game that just can't happen."

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