Photo courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers

Photo courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers

Trent Williams calls the 49ers’ tight end group the ‘best in the league’ and ‘elite from top to bottom’

Sep 3, 2020 at 3:40 PM--

In case you had any doubt about which NFL team possesses the best group of tight ends in the league, tackle Trent Williams will be happy to inform you.

The answer would be the unit that has guys named George Kittle, Jordan Reed, Ross Dwelley, and Charlie Woerner.

"It's the best in the league. It's elite from top to bottom," Williams said on Thursday. "I mean, even Charlie, the rookie, when you turn the film on, he's probably one of the better blockers on the team. And coming from a rookie tight end, I think that's saying a lot.

"Of course, we all know what Jordan is capable of. Dwelley made a ton of plays for this team last year, and he continues to make plays. And obviously, George is the best in the game. I think our tight end room is as good as it can possibly get."

Kittle is excited about the addition of Reed. The two have been learning from each other since the start of training camp. Reed has been picking up some run-blocking tips from Kittle, and Kittle is picking up a thing or two about route-running.

"We have a lot of weapons in that tight end room, and I think a good four-tight-end set would be very good on Sundays," Kittle said on Thursday.

Of course, Kittle was joking. Or was he?

The 49ers do have a lot of depth at the position, and head coach Kyle Shanahan will likely do whatever he can to figure out ways to get both Kittle and Reed on the field at the same time. He feels it will create some interesting mismatches against opposing defenses.

Kittle has also been impressed with the rookie tight end, Woerner, who has shown great ability on the practice field and fantastic work ethic in the meeting rooms during his short time with the team.

"He's operating like a professional football player, as a rookie," Kittle said. "So, that's really fun to see. It's awesome."

Kittle adds that physically, Woerner is gifted. The veteran All-Pro is just helping the younger player with the mental aspect of the game.

"I say, 'Hey Charlie, if you mess up a play, it doesn't matter. Just go to the next one. Just flush it, go to the next one,'" Kittle explained. "The great thing about football is there's always the next play, unless it's the last play of the game. As long as you don't let one play snowball into the next play, and to the next play, then you're going to be a great football player.

"... He's fitting the mold really well, and he's also making a name for himself out in the practice field. I'm just looking forward to seeing him on a Sunday."

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