D.J. Jones was undoubtedly standing out this past season. The San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman got to opposing quarterbacks twice while recording a career-high 23 tackles in his limited role before suffering a high-ankle sprain during Week 14 against the New Orleans Saints.

This wasn't your typical rest-a-while-and-get-better variety of the injury. Jones contemplated surgery, according to Matt Barrows of The Athletic.

The defensive lineman opted to rest and let the injury heal on its own. Jones told Barrows on Tuesday that he is fully recovered and has been since mid-February. Now, he is preparing for the upcoming season, assuming it begins on time.

The NFL's entire offseason, aside from the upcoming NFL Draft, is up in the air right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. Team facilities are closed. So are personal gyms and other training facilities. Where has Jones turned to stay in shape?


He placed orders with the online shopping giant and has created a home gym. He also heads out for runs at a local church.

"It's got a lot of steep hills around it," Jones told Barrows. "I've been running those the past month, and I've been just grinding. I've never been so ready to play football in my life. I'm ready to go."

His workload could increase in 2020 with the departures of key contributors along the defensive line. Both DeForest Buckner and Sheldon Day are now with the Indianapolis Colts. The former was traded to Indianapolis in exchange for the No. 13 overall pick while the latter signed as a free agent.

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