Kyle Juszczyk joined Good Morning Football on Friday and was asked several personal questions so viewers could get to know the San Francisco 49ers fullback better. One of the questions asked Juszczyk to identify his favorite television show of all-time.

He named two.

One was a bit of a throwback — Lost. The other was a show a little more current — Game of Thrones.

Kay Adams noted the disappointing way that Lost ended, to which Juszczyk reminded the NFL Network host of how Game of Thrones ended. Then the 49ers fullback hilariously compared his past season to both television shows.

"Honestly, it's similar to the season I just had," Juszczyk said as he started to laugh. "It was a great ride, great experience; it just didn't end well."

The Good Morning Football hosts loved the honest response.

Juszczyk was also asked to identify his funniest teammate. You might think he would name someone like George Kittle, Joe Staley, or one of his other offensive teammates.


Juszczyk surprisingly named safety Jimmie Ward, noting that whenever the 49ers have a good practice, head coach Kyle Shanahan always has Ward break the team huddle at the end.

"He always brings the good vides," Juszczyk said, "always has a great message, and there's always something funny about what he says."

As for which teammate would make the best comic-book superhero, Juszczyk went with the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, Nick Bosa.

"I think Nick Bosa, just based on a physical appearance," Juszczyk responded. "I mean, the guy looks like The Hulk."