San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa returned home this week. The rookie grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and returned to the area as his team prepares to play the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV.

Bosa probably didn't expect to randomly run into someone he knew on Monday night, but he did.

Bosa, along with his teammates, spoke to the media during Super Bowl LIV Opening Night at Marlins Park in Miami. That's when's someone from his past stepped forward and asked the defensive end a question.

It was his babysitter as a child. After identifying herself, she asked Bosa how much it means to be back home.

"It's awesome," Bosa responded, "for stuff just like that. People who have been a part of my life, even if I didn't even know it."

Obviously, he didn't remember her.

Bosa added: "Just knowing that people who have seen me come from being a little kid are watching, it's really cool."

You can watch the surprise exchange below.