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Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Shanahan’s wife is the reason he always wears the same thing on 49ers game days

Jan 19, 2020 at 12:15 PM--

Almost every time Kyle Shanahan stepped onto the football field this season and headed to the sideline, he was wearing the same thing — a white San Francisco 49ers pullover and a red hat. That hat, by the way, along with the black variant he briefly wore last season, has become very difficult for fans to get a hold of.

As Shanahan prepares his team for the biggest 49ers game in six years, and the biggest in the short history of Levi's Stadium, the coach sat down with Chris Berman in a stadium suite and explained why his game-day wardrobe hasn't altered much this season.

"I would like to change my outfit up," Shanahan told Berman. "My wife will not let me. I wore a red hat earlier in the year, and now she's so superstitious that if I take that off, I may lose. It will only be because of that, according to her. So I'm usually going with my red hat and my white shirt."

Berman also asked the coach about his sense of style, including his Yeezys, something his players have commented on multiple times this season.

"I try not to look like I'm that old guy trying to look cool," Shanahan responded. "There's a very fine line in that. I try to wear what I wear outside of here, and I think the players are used to it, and they started making some better things on game days with the hats and things like that, so at least you can take it to game day instead of wearing those old dockers, and all the stuff they used to make us wear."

Shanahan said that if he ever headed on the field wearing a suit and tie — or probably anything other than his standard wardrobe — his players would likely ridicule him mercilessly because they know that's not who their coach is.

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