Emmanuel Sanders remembers being impressed by the San Francisco 49ers defense when his former team, the Denver Broncos, practiced against the unit before a preseason matchup. Months later, he and the 49ers, the team that traded for him in October, are preparing for a Super Bowl run.

Sanders has gotten to know the younger and less-experienced receivers on the roster. He didn't have an opportunity to do so during those August practices because he was so focused on the defense.

While the other 49ers receivers may be less experienced than the 10-year veteran, that doesn't mean they can't teach him a thing or two.

"One thing about this league is you can be in year 10, and you can take a guy that's year one," Sanders explained, "and if you don't think that you can learn from the guy from year one, you're not going to make it too long in this league. I feel like everybody can learn something from somebody."

Upon arriving, Sanders saw the way the young 49ers receivers practiced, played to the football, and ran after the catch. He knew immediately that the old dog could learn some new tricks, so Sanders approached his new teammates and started asking questions about their game.

"If you watch Kendrick Bourne run through the football, even when you go to the games, a lot of guys in this league — I've been in this league a long time — a lot of guys don't run through the football like that," Sanders said. "He has exceptional hands. And Deebo (Samuel), the way he runs after the catch. That's something I try to pick up off those guys."

The other difference is the atmosphere the youthful players create in the locker room. It's something Sanders appreciates about his new NFL home. He'll sit there and watch as the other receivers play music and dance in the locker room, creating a relaxed environment.

"I look over at [Richard Sherman], I said, 'Man, these guys keep us young,'" Sanders shared. "Guys like that are good for the ecosystem of this team, and guys like me and Sherm are good for the playoff experience to let them understand the magnitude of what we need to accomplish. So I think we've got a well-balanced team."

The 49ers will begin their playoff run on Saturday when the team hosts the Minnesota Vikings at Levi's Stadium. The winner moves on to the NFC Championship Game, and one step away from the Super Bowl.