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Transcript: Kyle Shanahan discusses 49ers’ injuries, Jullian Taylor to IR, Kevin Givens, Jimmy Garoppolo’s growth

Dec 27, 2019 at 2:56 PM--

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters after Friday's practice as the team prepares for its Week 17 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. Here is everything he had to say.

Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

Opening comments:

"Alright, the injuries: we've got [DL] Dee Ford out, [DL] Jullian Taylor's out, [OL] Mike Person's questionable and [S Jaquiski] Tartt is doubtful."

What's the extent of Taylor's knee injury?

"He had an ACL, so I'm sure he'll get surgery within the next couple of weeks and have to go on IR."

Does that mean he's had two injuries to his left knee? Do you know what knee it was?

"I think it was the other knee. Yep."

Will you make a roster move?

"Yes. I think we're going to sign [DL] Kevin [Givens]. If we haven't already, then tomorrow."



What have you seen out of Givens? Obviously, he had a pretty good exhibition season and scout team star of the week this week, too?

"He was, back to back weeks he got it. I think he's gotten it three times this season and the last two weeks. Kevin had a good training camp, was close to making our roster. He's been here and worked all year to get better and he's been waiting for this opportunity. He got it yesterday."

How did the Taylor injury occur in the practice?

"No one fell on it, it was just two people, him and an O-Lineman pushing on each other and came to a stop and it just gave out. It was a real unfortunate one."

Would you expect Givens to be active and get some action on Sunday?

"Yeah, we're still deciding that. It's based off of some special teams situations and stuff like that, but he's got a chance to be, though."

How's Tartt looked all week in practice?

"He's still doubtful. He's gotten out there a little bit, more than he has been, which does give him a chance. But, whatever that word means, it means it's more of an outside chance."

No concern over WR Deebo Samuel?

"No, there's concern on all these guys. Everyone's got some wear and tear, but he'll be alright for the game. He'll be able to play for it, so he's not questionable at all in that way."

Your offense this year, it's been kind of a chameleon in ways. You've been able to overcome different obstacles like the tackles and you've won in different ways. What does it say about the offense that you have been able to do so many different things this year heading up into the playoffs and then in this final game?

"I think it says we've got a number of different guys who can help us and a bunch of guys who can do different things and a bunch of guys who are smart, good football players. They've been able to handle adjustments we've made. We've had to make some a number of times throughout the year with the different injuries that have gone down and I think we've got guys who work really hard and they don't always get their new assignments on Wednesday, but they usually have got to figure it out by Sunday. It's given us a chance to overcome a number of things this year."

When you look back at this season, has there been one challenge that's been bigger or the biggest challenge that you're proud of overcoming?

"I think it was the first challenge, probably just because it seemed to all happen at once. I think it was within about four quarters of each other, losing both your tackles, especially when we lost our swing tackle in the preseason. So, to lose your three starting tackles, or your three top tackles, in the first three weeks of the year and a fullback that really helped us rely on the run game a lot. I think that was the biggest one that had a huge concern with at first, putting guys in there who hadn't played before. But, they rose to the occasion and they quickly made us comfortable."

This will be the 16th start for QB Jimmy Garoppolo, a full season. How have you seen him grow over the course of this year?

"Just the experience that comes with just going against different, putting in a plan every week. Jimmy's been very good with getting the plan on Wednesday, working as hard as anyone I've been around during the season to understand it by Sunday. Whether it's been good or bad, what happens on Sunday, just watching how he's retained and picked up new things as the next week's gone on. It's something that you always want to have with a quarterback because I don't care how good anyone is, that's why you see a lot of rookies will come in and have some success their first year and sometimes they struggle the next. You've got to see a lot of football to understand how to play this position. This is the first year I feel like he's' been able to get through it all and see it all. Anyone who does that goes through some ups and downs, but we're here in December. Up to this point, throughout his ups and downs he's continued to gradually climb and he's a much better quarterback right now than he was at the beginning of the year."

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