The Jimmy Garoppolo critics, including ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith, are out in full force on Monday following the San Francisco 49ers' Week 15 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. The quarterback passed for 200 yards with a single touchdown during the 29-22 upset loss in front of a Levi's Stadium crowd. Garoppolo's 90.3 passer rating was his lowest since Week 10.

How much of Sunday's loss falls on Garoppolo's shoulders is up for debate. The quarterback was asked after the game why it was so difficult for the offense to get into a rhythm against Atlanta.

"I wouldn't say it was one specific thing," Garoppolo responded. "I think it was just things going wrong, us not making plays when we needed to, just little things like that here and there that throughout the course of a game, they add up. Just little mistakes that we can't make."

Smith wasn't ready to give Garoppolo too much credit after he carried the 49ers to a win over the New Orleans Saints a week ago, and was eager to once again name the quarterback as the weak link on an otherwise very talented team. The First Take host believes the best way to attack the 49ers is to try to take away tight end George Kittle and the team's rushing attack and dare Garoppolo to throw the football.

"I believe my best shot to beat San Francisco is to dare Jimmy Garoppolo to go after (me)," Smith said. "You've got to throw the ball to Emmanuel Sanders and Deebo Samuel, and we both know those boys can play. Jimmy G, as good as he is, is the question mark on that team."

First Take co-host Max Kellerman, once again, disagrees with Smith's analysis. He believes the 49ers lost the game not because the Falcons dared Garoppolo to throw the football but because they were successful in creating pressure on the quarterback. Kellerman questions the defense's role in the loss, which he noted was without some key contributors on Sunday.

"If you're going up against Julio Jones, could you use Richard Sherman? I think so," Kellerman said.

Added Kellerman: "The defense broke because half the guys are missing. That's it. Jimmy G has come through for them under pressure. Just look a couple of weeks ago."

You can watch and listen to the debate between Smith and Kellerman below.