Cornerback Richard Sherman has become accustomed to his San Francisco 49ers being overlooked by the media. Even entering Sunday night's game against the Green Bay Packers while boasting a 9-1 record, the team had plenty of critics.

Had the narrative gone as expected on Sunday, the 49ers would have been exposed and lost their second game of the season. That didn't happen.

Instead, the 49ers beat a tough Packers team, improved to 10-1, and retain the best record in the NFC.

"Apparently, nobody has to play us," Sherman told reporters after the game. "We've just got to play everybody."

Sherman is referring to the narrative surrounding the current three-game stretch against division-leading opponents. If the 49ers are going to stumble, this is where it will happen. The team got off to a good start by knocking off the Packers, though.

Everyone is always looking at the tough opponents the 49ers have to face and not necessarily acknowledging that those teams have to play an outstanding San Francisco squad.

Sherman looked back to when the post-game media room only consisted of few reporters — the local beat writers. A 10-1 record has garnered more interest, and that room now has more occupants.

Sherman rattled off the names of several of his defensive teammates who deserve more recognition with the 49ers playing as well as they are. Names like DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead, and Nick Bosa.

"You've got to give those guys their just due," Sherman said. "When you have the discussion, and you say, 'Well, they have to go play this guy. They have to go play this team,' then it becomes weird because these guys have been consistent throughout, regardless of who they played."

Sherman's 49ers remain atop the NFC standings, and we'll see what the narrative becomes as the team heads into a Week 13 clash with the red-hot Baltimore Ravens.