Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has already shared his opinion on the (rather ridiculous) debate surrounding whether or not the San Francisco 49ers should have played for a tie rather than the win during Monday night's loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan has addressed the question, too.

Why not ask one more Niner?

Cornerback Richard Sherman spoke with reporters after Thursday's practice, and, of course, was asked about potentially playing for a tie during Monday's overtime defeat.

"That's coming from people who don't know ball, if I'm being honest," Sherman responded. "You get to the point where you've got armchair quarterbacks, armchair GMs, armchair coaches like, 'Oh man, I would have done this.' And that's why you're sitting on the couch and not in this sport as a professional.

"You've got people, who don't do this for a living, talking about what they would have done, and it's cool, I guess, for social media chatter. It's great for it there. But as people who play the game, and who put the sacrifice in, who go out there and lay their bodies out on the line, you don't play a tie."

Sherman did add that if a team found itself in a "last-ditch effort," backed up against its own end zone with nearly no time remaining, that would be a different situation.

That wasn't the situation the 49ers were in on Monday night.

"If you have a chance to drive the ball down the field and try to win the game," Sherman continued, "then I would think everybody would want us to try to win the game. You don't want a tie."