It took 10 weeks of NFL play, but it finally happened. The San Francisco 49ers lost a game. Monday night's overtime defeat may have been disheartening, but like any other game, the team has already moved on.

Linebacker Fred Warner was already looking on the bright side by Wednesday morning.

"I think directly after the game, it was pretty disappointing getting that first loss," Warner said on KNBR. "You almost forget what it feels like. But having time to reflect on it, I feel like there's not much to be upset about or angry about. We're 8-1. We're at the top of the NFC."

Cornerback Richard Sherman stepped up to the podium after Thursday's practice. He discussed the team's mindset following the regular-season loss, something the players haven't had to deal with this year before Monday night.

"I think they responded the same way they respond every week," Sherman told reporters. "The results aren't the thing. Like I said before, it's the process. Guys play hard. You go in [Wednesday], win, lose, or draw, you correct the mistakes that can be corrected, and you get back to the drawing board. You focus on the next opponent, and that's what we were able to do.

"I think everybody responded the same way they responded to wins. You get to deal with it for 24 hours, and then you move forward, and you get ready for the next opponent."

Sherman was informed that his lobbying for teammate K'Waun Williams to be added to the 2020 Pro Bowl ballot was successful, to which he was pleasantly surprised.

"[K'Waun] is just so dynamic in every phase," Sherman said. "If you just look at him and his pass-rushing ability on its own, it's outstanding. If you look at him in terms of just coverage ability, it's outstanding. If you look at him in terms run [support], it's outstanding.

"And so he just brings the complete package of playmaking ability, and I think that supersedes position. I think that his playmaking ability is what allows our defense to go, along with other unheralded guys like D.J. Jones. Obviously, Arik (Armstead) is getting the respect he deserves, now, but (Jaquiski) Tartt and what Jimmie (Ward) are able to do to limit the big plays goes a long way.

"But [Williams is] a huge playmaker for us, and that's what allows us to play the type of defense we do."