Some expected second-year wide receiver Dante Pettis to have a breakout season this year (example 1, example 2). Of course, that was the talk during the offseason. It has since died down ... significantly.

Pettis has just 11 receptions for 109 yards with two touchdowns this season. Fans are still waiting to see the player who impressed the San Francisco 49ers enough to make him a second-round pick last year. Apparently, head coach Kyle Shanahan is still waiting, too.

Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle asked Shanahan via a conference call this afternoon where the coach stands in his assessment of Pettis. Branch noted that there have been opportunities for the young receiver to emerge but he has failed to do so consistently.

"I agree with what you just said," Shanahan responded. "He's had a number of opportunities. I'm one of the guys that believed in him the most. That's why he's here. He's had his opportunities. The more he doesn't take advantage of his opportunities, the less opportunities he gets.

"He did get a couple last night because of injury and I didn't think he made them. We'll see how this week goes. Dante has the ability, but we're waiting for him to pick it up, and have the consistency, and take advantage of some of these opportunities he's gotten."

Pettis has played 304 snaps this season on offense, which ranks third on the team if you carry over Emmanuel Sanders' snaps from the Denver Broncos. Rookie Deebo Samuel has 369 but has 30 receptions for 339 yards with a touchdown — three times more than Pettis.

Pettis' overall Pro Football Focus grade of 55.9 ranks sixth among 49ers receivers and No. 103 among all NFL wide receivers.

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