Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice joined 95.7 The Game on Monday morning, as he does every week, and discussed the San Francisco 49ers' impressive 5-0 start and 20-7 dismantling of the Los Angeles Rams. The NFL great envisions good things for this Niners squad, which is led by its dominating defense.

"I think it's scary, guys, because they haven't played their best football," Rice said on the "Joe, Lo and Dibs" show. "I think there's more to come from the San Francisco 49ers, the offense, also with the defense. Once they put everything together, I think it's going to really be a scary football team.

"These players, they're starting to buy into this. They like this. They like being 5-0. They like going to ball games and trying to dominate games, and just establish themselves, and make a name for themselves. I think what's happening with this offense, and also this defense, this entire team, they're coming together.

"Towards the end of the season, I'm hoping everybody is on the same level, working on all cylinders, and if that should happen, we have something to really be excited about."

How excited should 49ers fans be about this team? What kind of potential are we talking about here? Does Rice believe San Francisco will be a Super Bowl contender down the stretch?

"I'm going out on a line, and I'm saying yes," Rice responded after a lengthy pause. "Yes, without a doubt. But they have to continue to focus on their craft, get better on offense and also defense, and come together tight as a team. If they do that, if they don't have any severe injuries or anything like that, I think they have a legitimate chance."

Rice, by the way, won't be on 95.7 The Game next week because he is getting married this weekend.

"I'm excited, I'm nervous," Rice shared. "This is my big football game. This is like my Super Bowl, and I just want everything to go right for us, and just looking forward to the opportunity."

Congrats to the greatest of all-time.

You can listen to the entire conversation with Rice below.