Kurt Warner of NFL Network joined "The Rich Eisen Show" this past week and was asked what he makes of the San Francisco 49ers following the team's impressive 31-3 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

Rich Eisen brought up a point that the Niners Faithful have been bringing up for weeks. While many have been critical of the strength (or lack of) of San Francisco's opponents during the team's 4-0 run, no one is really doing to same to the New England Patriots, the only other remaining undefeated NFL team.

Of course, the Patriots have proven in recent years to be a team that you should not question, always being in the Super Bowl hunt. San Francisco's 4-0 start has taken many by surprise.

Back to the "The Rich Eisen Show," Warner doesn't doubt the 49ers one bit.

"I think they are for real," Warner told Eisen. "It's funny that, in this league, where everybody throws for 5,000 yards, and receivers catch 100 balls, and that's what this league is all about. You look at the shiny toys so much, and rightfully so because the league is going in that direction.

"But I know, this is the bottom line with teams like San Francisco, is that they can own the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. And if you have the ability to do that -- run the football for over 200 yards [on Monday] night, No. 1 in the league.

"We saw their defensive front. We've kind of been waiting for all these [first-round] picks to come together on their defensive line, and Nick Bosa was a beast [on Monday] night."

Warner believes things are finally coming together for the 49ers thanks to the additions of some key components over the past few offseasons. It is the team's ability to dominate the line of scrimmage, however, that has impressed the Hall of Fame quarterback.

Added Warner: "If that can win the line of scrimmage week in and week out, they can play with anyone."

That doesn't mean the 49ers are devoid of question marks. Warner wants to see how this team holds up in a shootout, something that could come as early as Sunday afternoon against the Los Angeles Rams.

"[Jimmy Garoppolo], kind of up and down a little bit," Warner explained. "They don't have the weapons on the outside that 'wow' you necessarily, but if they can run the football, Shanahan is so good at tying the run game with the pass game, and the play-action, if they're able to run downhill at you, is so effective and they're so explosive with it that I really do believe that this team is for real because of what they have on the fronts. And then they just need to develop on the edges a little bit more."

H/t to Patrick Tulini for the find.