It sounds like things are good between San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman and Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. In case you missed it, some controversy brewed this week after Sherman accused Mayfield of snubbing him and his teammates by failing to shake hands during the pre-game coin toss.

Long story short, Mayfield did shake Sherman's hand, along with other 49ers players, and even hugged tight end George Kittle during the coin toss. Sherman said on "The Pat McAfee Show" on Wednesday that he planned to reach out to Mayfield and apologize to him for the misunderstanding.

Sherman spoke with reporters before Thursday's practice, and, of course, the first question was about what has been dubbed as DapGate. He told the media that he has already spoken to Mayfield to hash things out. The cornerback was asked why he said Mayfield didn't shake his hand when clearly, he did.

"Because that's what I thought happened," Sherman responded. "That's what I remember happening. He stood back, and I said it the way I remembered it, and I took it as disrespect, and I took it out on him."

Sherman admitted that there are ways for NFL players to conjure up things to motivate themselves.

"You could say, 'They're wearing different colored jerseys and say, 'Oh my God, that's a slight. They don't respect us,'" Sherman joking said. "But that's what you do in football. There are plays where a guy will run a play towards a guy, a run play, he'll run it to the right, say it's Aaron Donald on the right, and they run it at Aaron Donald. He can take it as disrespect. Like, 'Hey, they don't respect me,' and get hyped up."

Sherman has moved on from the incident and is focused on the Los Angeles Rams. In truth, he probably moved on from it a while ago. He just keeps getting asked about the situation.

"I don't feel any embarrassment," Sherman added. "I really don't care at all. I spoke to Baker about it. We cleared it up. He's good. I'm good. It wasn't a big deal to me in the beginning, and its' not a big deal to me now. Things like that don't bother me at all."

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