San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman was asked about rookie defensive end Nick Bosa after Monday night's 31-3 victory over the Cleveland Browns. That led to the veteran discussing the dependability of the defensive line, and then the linebackers.

It's safe to say that Sherman has a lot of confidence in the 49ers' improved defense, and rightfully so. The unit has stymied opposing offenses all season, and Monday night at Levi's Stadium was no different.

That led to a passionate Sherman discussing how under-appreciated his defensive teammates have been this season. That may change now after his Niners dominated on a national stage and improved to 4-0.

"This year, you see a lot of the highlights and stuff," Sherman told reporters after the game. "You see a lot of the conversations, and you don't see these guys get mentioned for Pro Bowls and All-Pros. These guys are playing Pro Bowl and All-Pro football.

"This isn't a fluke that we're just running through these teams. It's not a joke. It's not a game. Other teams just struggle with these guys, and we held them 31-3. That's from Pro Bowl, All-Pro talent up front, and in the secondary, and in the linebacker room. Those are the kind of conversations that need to be started."

The 49ers defense now ranks No. 2 in total yards and passing yards allowed, No. 4 in points allowed, and No. 5 in rushing yards allowed. The unit remains the last in the NFL not to allow a rushing touchdown and already has 13 quarterback sacks.

"I hope our fans, when the voting opens up, they get those guys the votes they deserve," Sherman continued, "because Dee Ford, (Nick) Bosa -- Bosa should be a rookie in the Pro Bowl this year, and it shouldn't even be close.

"Obviously, DeForest (Buckner), Arik (Armstead). Arik is playing friggin' Pro Bowl football. Our whole D-line could be in there, represented, if I'm being honest.

"Both the backers. You've got to give Kwon (Alexander) a ton of credit. What he's brought to this defense is incredible.

"Jaquiski Tartt. Jaquiski Tartt has been quiet, and nobody mentions him. If you're not getting mentioned on defense, it's not because you're playing bad. If he was playing bad, I guarantee you guys would mention it. He's playing outstanding, incredible football. He's sound. He's tackling well. He's making the plays that are there. That's what you need. That's what great defense is.

"This wasn't a one-man performance or (even) a one-unit performance. It was all three levels of football. Special teams, offense, defense, everything coming together and playing well."

It's on to the next opponent now. The 49ers will face the Los Angeles Rams in Southern California on Sunday afternoon.