The Cincinnati Bengals changed a lot of minds on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. Many felt the team would struggle in 2019. Cincinnati didn't end up beating the Seahawks but nearly left CenturyLink Field with the victory and looked impressive in new head coach Zac Taylor's first outing.

Next up for Taylor are the San Francisco 49ers. The coach, who spent the last two seasons in the same division as an assistant with the Los Angeles Rams, jumped on a conference call with 49ers reporters on Thursday and discussed the challenge of facing the 1-0 Niners.

"I've always been impressed with [Jimmy Garoppolo] as a thrower going back to Eastern Illinois," Taylor said. "[...] He can throw it from a lot of different arm angles; strong arm, accurate. You've seen, really, over however many games he's played, he's had some really good moments. There's a lot to be encouraged by if you're the 49ers, so we certainly have a tough task on our hands with him."

The 49ers also boast a defense coming off a game where it forced four takeaways and brought down Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston three times while creating significant pressure leading to his three interceptions.

"I always thought (Robert) Saleh was a good defensive coordinator," Taylor said. "Those guys are always prepared, and they gave us (the Rams) some different wrinkles that you've got to be prepared for.

"This year will be no different. They've had a whole offseason to really study themselves, think through how they want to be successful in that vision."

Added Taylor: "We're prepared to see some wrinkles and excited to face that look that they've got. They added some good pass rushers, and so they've got a really talented defense."

Two of the new additions along the defensive line are veteran Dee Ford and rookie Nick Bosa, who both made their presence known against the Buccaneers. Each had a sack against Winston.

"They're guys you've always got to be aware of," Taylor continued. "There's not a lot of film on Bosa yet. We all know he's a great player and he was picked high for a reason. Dee Ford has been a challenge for a long time, going back to last year playing in Kansas City. He's a really talented player.

"They've upgraded a lot of different areas so it will be a tough challenge for our offense."