Earlier this summer, Peter Schrager of "Good Morning Football" said he believes San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle DeForest Buckner could get 20 sacks during the upcoming season and potentially be named the Defensive Player of the Year.

Schrager is not backing off of his belief in the 49ers' Pro Bowl defensive lineman.

The NFL Network host projected Buckner to earn the Defensive Player of the Year award as the "Good Morning Football" hosts made predictions for the 2019 season. Schrager points out that Buckner wasn't even named to NFL Network's annual NFL Top 100 ranking. It's a snub that shocked Buckner.

"It's crazy, right? It is what it is," Buckner said last month. "At the end of the day, if I do my job and contribute, the respect will come. It's more fuel."

Schrager believes Buckner will have more fuel and will become a household name thanks to the increase of talent around him. The 49ers added two pass rushers this offseason in veteran Dee Ford and rookie Nick Bosa.

Schrager also notes that the 49ers defensive line now consists of five former first-round picks.

Overall Pick Yeah
Dee Ford 23 2014
Arik Armstead 17 2015
DeForest Buckner 7 2016
Solomon Thomas 3 2017
Nick Bosa 2 2019

"It's going to gel this year," Schrager said. "They've been waiting. DeForest Buckner is going to be the leader. He's the best defensive tackle in the sport outside of Aaron Donald. That includes J.J. Watt when he plays in that position. That includes Geno Atkins when he moves outside.

"It is all about Buckner this year, and if you are waiting for the 49ers to make this giant leap on offense, I don't know what to tell you. I will tell you this: There is no excuse for the front seven on defense. My Defensive Player of the Year? This dude, out of the University of Oregon, DeForest Buckner."