Second-year linebacker Fred Warner is a different player this offseason. He seems more confident and vocal during practices. While some of that can be traced back to having a year of NFL experience under his belt, a lot of it is the result of a new teammate.

The San Francisco 49ers signed Kwon Alexander in March after the team's decision-makers couldn't help but notice the impact the linebacker was having in Tampa Bay both on and off the field. General manager John Lynch saw natural leadership that he felt would benefit his 49ers defense. That's why, despite coming off an ACL injury, San Francisco aggressively pursued Alexander.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of having Alexander around is Warner. Alexander brings out new energy in the younger linebacker.

"I think Kwon, that's something we were looking for," Lynch told Keiana Martin on Saturday during a live look-in at the second joint practice with the Denver Broncos. "We knew that Kwon was an exceptional football player. We also know that he's got some natural leadership qualities. He brings juice.

"He's one of those guys who when he's on the field, everybody plays a little harder, a little faster. You could see it scream through the tape in Tampa. When you can see that through sideline tape, that tells you something.

"With Fred, he kind of brings out a different side of Fred. That's been a fun process to watch for us."

Alexander told reporters on Friday that he expects the linebackers group, including Warner, to be the leaders of the defense. Bringing the intensity is just part of that job.

"Linebackers, we've got to take control, be vocal, be loud, have the energy, make everybody feed off you, and that's what we're trying to do," Alexander said.

Alexander is well aware of the impact he's had on Warner this offseason. The veteran is continually sharing his experience and making an effort to bring out the best in the younger linebacker.

"Fred, I [keep] telling him, 'You've got to match my energy today,' stuff like that," Alexander added. "And he goes out there and [does] it. He [is] very vocal, talking tough. He's out there making crazy plays, and he's going to keep doing that."