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Transcripts: Nick Mullens and C.J. Beathard discuss 49ers’ victory vs. Cowboys, QB competition, Deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd

Aug 10, 2019 at 11:55 PM--

San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Nick Mullens and C.J. Beathard spoke with reporters after the team's 17-9 preseason victory over the Dallas Cowboys. Here is everything they had to say.

Transcripts provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

Nick Mullens

How did it feel going against somebody else rather than your own team?

"Finally, you know, that's why you play the game. We talked about it before, you don't train for all the practices. You train to play the game. So, we're so excited to get out there, just put the uniform back on and play against somebody else."

How did you feel today, your performance?

"I felt good, I felt solid. Obviously, you don't want to turn the ball over, but overall, just making very good decisions, smart, accurate, putting the ball in the right places. So, it's a step. Camp is a long process, so that's one step down."

Can you talk about [how] penalties were a killer today?

"Yeah, I mean, it's really important to play disciplined football and that's something that we have to improve on."

Head coach Kyle Shanahan gave you the start today, he said you finished off the season- does that feel rewarding that he thought of you to start today?

"I'll just take any opportunity I can get. It's coach's decision and me and [QB] C.J. [Beathard] rotate every day, so it was nice to be able to get out there and just start fast, play strong and make good decisions."

The fact that you've been in the system for a little bit of time, too, it makes it a little bit easier, a little more comfortable and effective in decision making.

"One hundred percent, people say from year one to year two, even now to year three, just love the offense. Coach does a good job of putting us in positions to be successful. So, I love the offense and feel comfortable."

Do you feel like you're in the same rhythm as you were towards the end of last season?

"Yeah, I mean, I haven't thought about last season in a long time to be honest with you. We're what, two weeks into camp now? I think the main thing about being quarterback is just being a consistent player and a consistent leader, and that's what I try to do each and every day."

What have you seen from your rookie receivers WR Deebo Samuel and WR Jalen Hurd?

"Yeah, definitely. I mean a strong showing today, obviously. We know what they bring to the table and it's cool to see that, but at the same time, it's a first step. It's only the first preseason game and so we're excited to see how they can go going forward."

How do you and C.J. avoid things maybe getting awkward given that coach Shanahan says that you guys are neck and neck and he's going to be first up next week it seems like?

"Yeah, I mean, who knows. Me and C.J. are great friends, we have a great relationship and we both understand the business. We're just doing what we're told. Nick, it's your turn to play, C.J., it's your turn to play. That's what we do. We battle, we support each other, and it's been great so far."

What part of the offseason did you see Tom House?

"I went out there in the spring time, around March, and then in the summer a little bit, so a couple times. It was solid, productive."

What was the biggest takeaway? Did you feel like you were maybe improving?

"Yeah, just mechanics: your footwork and your mechanics, the way you release the ball and different things like that. He's got a very high reputation, obviously, and so it was cool to learn a lot from him and those guys down there. They do a great job."

Do you feel your arm got stronger by going to him, stronger than last year?

"Yeah, I mean, I feel great. I'm throwing the ball well, putting it in the right spot and I feel good."

So, you did what, like two sessions with him?

"Yeah, a couple, yeah."

Before Jalen got here, you were used to having smaller, shifty guys in the slot. How much different is it having a big guy there and how much does it benefit you?

"I think it's definitely beneficial. Jalen's pretty solid physically and I think mentally is what makes him even better, the way he's just not scared of anything. That's been really cool to see in camp, and it's nice. It's nice to have a big body and obviously you saw it. It makes it easier on us."

C.J. Beathard

How different is it having someone who's 6-4 and can go up and get a ball like that?

"It's a quarterback's dream to have a guy like that, that'll go up and make plays for you. He's tough over the middle. I mean, you see what he does after. He gets the ball in his hands, he's tough to tackle. He played some running back in college and he knows how to run the ball, too."

What do you think has been the difference for him maybe over the last week or so? We've seen him on the practice field, he's been more involved in the passing game after not doing a whole lot early on. What's been the difference there?

"He was out all OTAs with injuries, so I think he was just starting to get back into the swing of things. I mean, it's not an easy offense to grasp for a rookie, so I think he just started getting progressively better with his knowledge of the game and the offense. That kind of helped him get more reps."

How does your thumb feel?

"Feels alright. Yeah, I just hit it on my helmet, but it'll be alright."

How do you think you played?

"I thought I did well, I mean, other than the interception. Dumb decision there. Other than that, I thought it went really well."

You had a lot of moving parts in front of you tonight, a little different offensive line.

"Yeah, I mean, anytime you've got a bunch of young kids in there, you kind of expect their heads are going a thousand miles an hour, trying to get receivers lined up and things like that. That's expected, but I thought overall, they did a good job."

What are you looking forward to this week in Denver, practicing against the Broncos?

"It'll be awesome. It'll be cool. That's our quarterbacks coach, [Denver Broncos offensive coordinator] Rich Scangarello, is their OC now. It'll be cool to see him and say hey to him, but it's always fun to go up against guys other than your own teammates, because you're so used to doing that all camp."

Do you feel like both WR Jalen Hurd and WR Deebo Samuel are doing a really good job?

"Yeah, they're doing great. They're definitely progressing well as rookies, I think. The rest of the offense is really coming along and they're doing a really good job."

Is there a difference with the different coaching of the wide receivers group?

"Yeah, I mean [wide receivers coach] Wes [Welker] and [offensive quality control coach] Miles [Austin], there are no better teachers of the game. They played for such a long time in the NFL, the experience they have, it's great, especially in that wide receiver room with all the guys in there. They've got first hand guys that played in the league for both 10-plus years and have a lot of experience in there to really help them."

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