New Houston Rockets center Tyson Chandler was on hand for Sunday's practice at the SAP Performance Facility. He joined San Francisco 49ers team reporter Keiana Martin during the Live Look-in before practice. Chandler, who is 7-foot-1, towered over Martin, who comes in at 5-foot-2, despite her standing on a box to boost her height a bit.

Chandler admitted to growing up as a huge Niners fan and remains one today. He has followed the team since he was about seven years old.

How big of a fan is he? Chandler once had an opportunity to meet the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, and he told Martin that being at 49ers practice beats that experience.

"My only team I support," Chandler told Martin.

Chandler went to Dominguez High School in Compton, California, the same school 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman attended.

"Sherm is a legend at our school," Chandler said. "It was a little difficult for me, though, because I grew up a 49ers fan, and Richard went to my same high school, has a mural up, but then he became a Seahawks legend. That was always so difficult for me watching the game, loving him but not wanting to cheer for him. But I'm glad he's on our side now."

Chandler added, "He's on the good side now. All that stuff in the past, it's all forgotten. Now, he can come do it for us. All that shutdown, all that trash talk, it's on the right side now."

The NBA star went on to discuss being a fan of the team.

"When you grow up being a fan of the Niners, the way I've been a fan, I literally watched generations of football, they've always been here (lifts his hand to show the level) for me. So coming here to practice, I'm like a kid in the candy store, I guess."

Who are some of Chandler's all-time favorite players? He rattled off names like Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Deion Sanders, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, and he could have kept going on if he had more time.

As for the 49ers' current team, Chandler is excited to see what some of the young receivers, like Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd, can do.

You can watch the Live Look-in below.