San Francisco 49ers rookie Jalen Hurd, one of two wide receivers drafted this year, was involved in two on-field fights during practice on Sunday. The first occurrence saw the fiery rookie punch cornerback Dontae Johnson twice in the midsection, according to a report from Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. The second involved safety Antone Exum.

After practice, head coach Kyle Shanahan was asked about the two occurrences and fights in general during practices. He didn't actually see the starts of the altercations but did witness the aftermath.

"I don't like guys fighting in practice," Shanahan told reporters. "I don't like punches thrown. I like guys pissing each other off. I like guys competing. But I think real toughness is controlling that because you're going to get penalties in the game and things like that. So fighting is something I don't want at practice.

"I like guys to get as close as possible to fighting because that is the mentality of football, but it's got to be a controlled aggression. If you can't control that, you're a liability."

Shanahan said he would likely address the team, as he has already, on Monday about staying in control of your emotions and preventing things from going too far.

"Guys don't have to prove that they're tough by fighting people," Shanahan added. "If you're not tough, we're going to know that, so are the players, you're not going to be on this team, so that is a very silly way to prove it, especially when you have helmets on."