The "Good Morning Football" hosts discussed the San Francisco 49ers on Wednesday and tried to figure out where the team fits in a competitive NFC. There is uncertainty within several position groups but also a significant amount of potential heading into the new season.

The 49ers just need to put it all together.

Kyle Brandt had a tough time determining what the expectations should be for head coach Kyle Shanahan's squad. They have several key starters returning from injury, including quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

The team signed Jerick McKinnon last offseason to take over as the starting running back and then lost him to injury before the start of the regular season. Brandt doesn't know what to expect there because he didn't have an opportunity to see McKinnon as the featured back in Shanahan's offense. Where does McKinnon even fit now with Matt Breida having a breakout season in 2018 and the addition of Tevin Coleman?

"I don't even know what they were supposed to be (in 2018) because the injuries wiped them out so bad," Brandt said. "I know this: This 49ers season has incredible stakes."

Brandt believes we could know what this 49ers team is by its Week 5 matchup against the Cleveland Browns, after the bye.

"They are at home. They are on Monday Night Football, and they play the Baker Mayfield Browns," he continued. "If they lose that game, and let's say they stumble to 1-and-3 or something, there's going to be so much chatter. Garoppolo costs too much. Shanahan, let's get this thing going. Lynch, York, the whole brain trust.

"It's like, 'Now we're healthy. Now we've got our guys. We have our coach.' Everything is there, and if you cannot win this year, I don't know when I can expect it from you. So the stakes are so high because they're healthy and it's time."

Nate Burleson noted that the NFC, and even the NFC West, is loaded with talented teams and the 49ers still have a lot to prove.

"When you look at the complexion of the division, the Seattle Seahawks will forever be in contention to be in the playoffs, to have a chance at the Super Bowl with Russell Wilson there at quarterback. The Rams have been phenomenal the last couple of years. They've been trending in the right direction. I'm not sure what Kyler Murray and the Cardinals are going to do, but I guarantee there's going to be some fireworks.

"When it comes to the Niners, yes, they were hit with injury after injury after injury, they still have to piece it all together."

Kay Adams believes the 49ers could be a contender in 2019. The team is being overlooked following its injury-plagued season resulting in a four-win campaign. Adams' reasoning, however, has more to do with San Francisco's defense, which she calls "really legit."

"(With additions like) Nick Bosa, Kwon Alexander, this defense, and Shanahan on the offensive side of the ball, that gives me faith that they can put it all together if healthy this year," Adams said.