Robbie Gould did not take part in the San Francisco 49ers' offseason program after the team used its franchise tag on the kicker. He hasn't even been on the West Coast and has spent the majority of the offseason with his family in the Chicago area.

Gould has made it clear he would prefer not to play for the 49ers and likely desires a return to his hometown Chicago Bears, where he spent his first 11 NFL seasons until they released him before the 2016 season. Two years after signing with head coach Kyle Shanahan's squad, Gould requested that the 49ers trade him.

While Shanahan and general manager John Lynch understand Gould doesn't want to be with the 49ers for the long-term, they have made it clear the team has no intention of granting the kicker's trade request.

"We understand that he doesn't want to live here long-term, and he's made that clear to us, and we get that," Shanahan said in April. "But, we do have a franchise tag, and he's that good of a kicker that he's worth franchising.

"So, unfortunately, we know we're not going to have him long-term here. I think that's been pretty clear. No hard feelings about that. I do understand his reasons. But, pretty excited to have a good kicker this year."

The 49ers would like to get Gould to agree to a multi-year deal. The two sides have until July 15 to work something out before the kicker would have to play on the one-year franchise-tag contract worth nearly $5 million or sit out the 2019 season. Of course, the 49ers have the option of trading or releasing Gould if the situation becomes too much of a concern.

What do fans think of the situation? We asked the Niner Faithful what they think the 49ers should do about the team's disgruntled kicker. The majority of fans believe the 49ers should part ways with Gould with 46 percent voting that the team should trade the kicker and another nine percent voting to release him.

Forty-five percent say San Francisco's decision-makers should force Gould to kick for the 49ers or sit out the season.

You can view the final poll results below.

Below are some varying reactions from fans.