There was no need for rookie defensive end Nick Bosa to rush back from his low-grade hamstring strain. He feels he is almost healthy and had the injury occurred during the regular season, there might have been more urgency.

Luckily, the injury occurred well before training camp. On Wednesday, the 49ers held their final practice until late-July. There was no reason to try and get him back for the conclusion of the offseason program when it is more important to have him ready for training camp.

While coaches will depart on Thursday, the players are allowed to remain at the team's facility through next week. Bosa plans to take advantage of that benefit.

"I'm going to keep training with the staff here and then I'm going to head home and get with (my brother) Joey, and get that hammy completely right because I'm almost there," Bosa told reporters on Wednesday.

The 49ers coaching staff hasn't seemed too concerned with the practice time Bosa has missed, and neither is the rookie. He feels a couple of weeks of practice will be enough to get him back into the swing of things.

"Just getting those reps over and over again," Bosa said. "Then you obviously can keep improving from there. I'm missing a little bit of that now, but I think [training] camp will be plenty of time, preseason."

Bosa isn't wasting the time he's been sidelined. Other than working hard in the meeting room and studying the defense, he has also leaned on players like second-year offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey. Their conversations, however, have focused more on the rigors of being a rookie in the NFL.

The 49ers' other starting tackle, veteran Joe Staley, has also helped advise Bosa. The two have spent time together off the field.

As for his on-the-field study, Bosa says he has learned a lot from fellow pass rusher Dee Ford. The rookie said Ford doesn't have a lot of moves in his arsenal, but what he does do, he does very well.

"That's all you need really; just master a few things, and I've learned that from him," Bosa said.

Bosa remains one of two unsigned players from the 49ers' most recent draft class. The other is wide receiver Deebo Samuel. Bosa is leaving everything in the hands of his agent and is focused on getting and staying healthy.

"I don't really deal with that," Bosa said. "I let me agent do that. I probably asked him about it once throughout this process, but I know it takes a little bit for that to happen for a lot of guys. I'm just patience. I'll see what happens."

You can watch the entire interview with Bosa below, courtesy of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat's Grant Cohn.