Mitch Wishnowsky has impressed with his strong and accurate leg during organized team activities. At least, reporters were impressed with his outing during Wednesday's practice, which was the only one open to the media this week.

Wishnowsky was six-for-six on punts of 50-or-more yards landing inside the 10-yard line, according to NBC Sports Bay Area. Two of those were downed inside the three-yard line. While a punter's role is often downplayed, that kind of starting field position would be significant for the defense.

The San Francisco 49ers made Wishnowsky a fourth-round draft pick in April. That's a pretty high selection for a punter, which means he will probably face more scrutiny than he would have had a team selected him during a later round.

Wishnowsky joined KNBR on Thursday night and was asked if he feels the pressure resulting from being such a high draft pick.

"Sure, but I put more pressure on myself than fans or coaches or anything like that," Wishnowsky told Mark Willard. "I hold myself to a higher standard than anyone does. I don't think it necessarily changes the way I do anything. I can understand it."

Fans weren't the only ones stunned when the selection of Wishnowsky was announced. The rookie knew the draft is unpredictable but even he was shocked to get the early call from the 49ers.

"I was pretty surprised getting the call in the fourth round but now I'll just keep working," Wishnowsky said.

The former Australian-rules football player wasn't sure when his name would be called.

"Mate, I've been with some of my friends that have gone though the draft process and it's stressful and they're told certain things," Wishnowsky said. "So I didn't know what to think. I just went in there just sort of hoping for the best. Then that happened."

Wishnowsky seems to be blocking out any noise and focusing on his NFL opportunity, and he'll be ready to do anything the 49ers ask of him. Given his athleticism — for a punter — does that mean the potential for more fake punts by the special teams unit?

"I hope so. I love that stuff," Wishnowsky responded.

You can listen to the entire conversation with Wishnowsky below.