Which of the newbies is in the best position to kick some butt this season?

That's literally what Dan Parr asks in his most recent contribution to NFL.com. He lists his top 25 rookies who are in the best position for success in 2019 — because it's May and rankings seem to be the best use of everyone's time.

By the way, organized team activities kick off in five days, so actual football news is on the horizon.

Back to Parr's article, he lists two San Francisco 49ers rookies within his ranking. Coming in at No. 3 is defensive end Nick Bosa, who was the No. 2 overall pick in last month's draft. The No. 3 slot falls under Parr's category of players who are top contenders for Rookie of the Year honors. Only Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Devin Bush ranked higher than Bosa.

Here is what Parr had to write about the 49ers' rookie pass rusher:

"This franchise has invested mightily in its defensive line in recent years, but it still had a huge need for an edge defender. Enter Bosa! Many had him pegged as the best player in the draft. Congrats, Niners, on things working out perfectly for you. It's not like teams can just focus on taking Bosa away with DeForest Buckner and Dee Ford on the line with him (although he will have to share the spotlight/production with them)."

The other 49ers rookie on the list was their second-round draft pick, wide receiver Deebo Samuel. He comes in further down the ranking at No. 23 under the category "Don't sleep on 'em."

Here is what Parr wrote about Samuel:

"It's easy to envision the tough Samuel shaking off arm tackles on his way to turning a catch off a screen pass into a long gain, although he can certainly make things happen at every level of the defense. As long as he stays healthy, Deebo and Kyle Shanahan's offense will go down as a perfect second-round marriage."

Coincidentally, both of Parr's 49ers selections remain as the only unsigned rookies from the team's most recent draft class.

H/t to Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area for the find.