New San Francisco 49ers tight end Kaden Smith spoke to Bay Area reporters via a conference call after being selected in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Here is everything he had to say.

Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

Can you talk about what your strengths are as a tight end?

"Yeah, I think I'm the kind of tight end you can't take off the field. I'm someone that I can go make plays in the passing game and get the blocking job done."

Can you go more into detail on your blocking skills?

"Yeah, obviously I have more things to improve on in that part of my game, but really understanding where the run is going, putting my body in position, and driving the guy out of the hole."

What kind of interaction did you have with the 49ers in the run-up to the draft?

"I mean, honestly, not much. I understand Mr. [general manager John] Lynch is at the games watching his son, his son Jake, but honestly at the Combine and other things, I didn't have much interaction."

You came to the local Pro Day, didn't you?

"No, I did not. I ended up flying home. I had no other workouts, so I thought I would get home and see my family."

Were you invited to come here?

"I was invited, yes."

So why didn't you come?

"Because I hadn't seen my family in a while, and I wasn't going to be working out, and so I thought I would just come home. I talked to Mr. Lynch once or twice and just thought it was a good time to come home."

Did you talk to the 49ers personnel at Stanford's Pro Day?

"I did not, no."

Do you see an opportunity? We talked to the Niners about having an opportunity to have a lot of snaps played behind TE George Kittle potentially?

"Yeah, no, I do. I'm excited to get in there, earn a spot. I understand nothing is given, and fight to make plays and help the team produce."

Did you get an opportunity to watch many Niner games last year on TV and what did you think of George Kittle and the year he had?

"No, I didn't get a chance to watch a lot of games. I did see Kittle's highlights, and I'm excited to learn a lot from him."

What were your expectations coming in? Is this about where you thought you'd be picked? Were you hoping for better?

"You know, always hoping for better, but kind of understanding, messing up my 40 at the Combine that that would consequently hurt me, and so I was kind of just open-minded and understanding wherever I go I'm ready to go play football right now."

You think 4.92 is not really indicative of who you are?

"No, not at all. I've watched my film, and understanding even watching my 40 and the way it felt, it's messing up those first 10 yards."

So, your in-game speed you would say is much better than what your 40 was?

"I agree, yes."