Former Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa took part in "Huddle against Hunger" on Wednesday, an NFL event to assemble 8,000 food kits for children. He is just a day away from learning his NFL fate.

The San Francisco 49ers hosted Bosa on a pre-draft visit on April 11. He came away impressed with the organization, which owns the No. 2 overall pick and remains a likely landing spot for the former Buckeye.

"Just all really, really good dudes," Bosa told NBC Sports Bay Area on Wednesday. "We had dinner and sat around and talked, man to man. I just love them, the culture. It seems like the kind of culture I'd like to be in. It was just a really good visit.

"It just seems like a family. Every coach that I talked to when they were away from Coach Shanahan just talked up how player-friendly he is and how he's just a regular guy, but when it's time to go to work, he goes to work. Playing for somebody like that would be really cool."

Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh was among the coaches Bosa met and spoke with. The two immediately bonded, reports Maiocco, as they talked football and Bosa's potential fit on the 49ers defense.

"It's my type of scheme," Bosa said. "I'd put a hand in the dirt and get after it every play, crushing and closing, playing the edge and pass-rushing. It's definitely my type of scheme."

Bosa is keeping busy leading up to the draft and is well aware of the concerns surrounding his past social media activity. His draft stock hasn't taken too much of a hit. Bosa is still likely to be selected near the top of the draft order, possibly even at No. 1 or 2, and remains the favorite for the 49ers' top pick.

Bosa has already deleted social media posts praising President Donald Trump, criticizing former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick following his protests against social injustice, and other posts. The reason? He might end up in the Bay Area, an area which tends to be more liberal.

Bosa didn't want to discuss his past social media activity or conservative views and will change his future posting habits.

"I'm just getting ready for the draft," he said. "I'm not really worried about Twitter anymore. I think the people who know me, know who I am, and I'm going to keep my opinions to myself from now on."

49ers general manager John Lynch was asked about Bosa's social media activity on Monday and if it was a concern for the team.

"I think just in general, I would tell you that we look at everything," Lynch responded. "I think we try to be as thorough in the process as we can. That is something we look at, but we also look at what kind of teammate is he. What do his teammates think about him? When I say 'him,' I'm speaking of any prospect."

What did Lynch and the 49ers learn about Bosa during the pre-draft evaluation process?

"I think that he's a great teammate," he answered.