If the Arizona Cardinals select Kyler Murray with the top pick in next month's draft, that will leave the San Francisco 49ers able to choose from one of this year's top prospects. That's not a knock on Murray and his potential future success. Quarterbacks will always be more valuable than any other position, but the consensus is that the top prospects in this year's draft are defensive players.

Most mock drafts have Murray going to the Cardinals and then have former Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa headed to San Francisco. Then there is Quinnen Williams, who isn't totally out of the picture at No. 2 overall. But would the 49ers use yet another first-round draft pick on an interior defender? How realistic is the potential of a Williams-to-49ers scenario?

Charlie Campbell of WalterFootball.com joined KNBR this week and said, according to his sources, the 49ers are enamored with Williams.

"I spoke with people high up with the 49ers at the Combine, and they were just gushing about Quinnen Williams," Campbell told Larry Krueger. "They felt Bosa was an excellent player, a bit of a safe pick, probably more of a position of need heading into free agency given how good DeForest Buckner was for the team last year, but they just have more emotion in the voice, more excitement for Quinnen Williams.

"They felt that his upside was just off-the-charts when you consider last year was really his first season of playing time in the SEC. To dominate it in the fashion that he did, and really, adding the weight to move inside, they just felt that the sky's the limit for what this guy could be.

"They just seem to think that Williams was more special as a player, had more upside, and really they liked the makeup of him, as well."

Campbell spoke with representatives from other teams too, who also heard from the 49ers that the team is high on Williams.

"I think that's the player that's kind of tugging at the heartstrings," Campbell adds.

Williams had dinner with 49ers general manager John Lynch and VP of player personnel Adam Peters last week after Alabama's pro day. The meal made headlines because the draft prospect, who was able to pick any restaurant, chose IHOP.

Lynch and Peters also met with Bosa last week and will bring in both he and Williams for official pre-draft visits in the coming weeks.

"You can't go wrong with Bosa or Williams," Campbell continued. "Either one is going to make them a much better team. I just think Williams is the one who kind of has their heart right now, and I think if the draft were today, that's the direction they would go."

You can listen to the entire conversation with Campbell below.