First, if you aren't watching NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger's player breakdowns on Twitter, you are missing something fun and insightful.

With that said, Baldy took a look at new San Francisco 49ers linebacker Kwon Alexander and what he brings to the defense.

"He knows how to find the football," Baldy writes within the tweet while predicting the Alexander and Fred Warner combo to combine for 200 tackles in 2019. If everyone remains healthy, the new duo could hit at least that mark. Warner registered 124 combined tackles in 2018 while Alexander had 45 through six games. That projects to 120 over 16 games for Alexander.

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The new 49ers linebacker saw his 2018 season shortened by an ACL injury. He had 93-or-more combined tackles in each of his three NFL seasons before that and racked up a career-high 145 in 2016.

Last season, the 49ers defense set an NFL record for the fewest takeaways in a single season with seven. The previous record of 11 was set by the Baltimore Colts during the 1982 season and later tied by three teams (Houston Texans in 2013, Dallas Cowboys in 2015, and the Chicago Bears in 2016). The 49ers defense finished the year with just two interceptions, which is also an NFL record for the fewest in a single season.

"Last year, the 49ers couldn't take the ball away," Baldy says. "They were the worst in the league. You've got to start forcing fumbles and getting tipped balls and interceptions. Alexander gives you some of that. He's a good blitzer."

This is yet another Baldy breakdown that should get the Niner Faithful fired up.

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