Many incoming San Francisco 49ers players have learned the tough lesson of not saying "San Fran." Fans are more than happy to correct them when that mistake happens.

New 49ers edge rusher Dee Ford has already learned not to say "San Fran," but nearly slipped up during a Friday-morning interview on KNBR. He was discussing his acclimation with the Bay Area and noted that he attended a pass rushing camp led by Von Miller in the area two years ago.

Ford says it was last year, but that most recent camp took place in Missouri. Miller's 2017 camp was on the campus of Stanford University.

"Von Miller did a pass rushing camp last year, I believe, in San Fran," Ford said on the "Murph and Mac" show.

He quickly corrected himself.

"Oh, San Francisco," Ford continued. "Oh, I learned to never to say 'San Fran.' I went through it in Kansas City too. If you say Kansas City and you're really in Missouri, and you don't specify, they will kill you. They will. You can't.

"I've been there, done that. Trust me, San Francisco, I got it."

Ford fell in love with San Francisco during that 2017 pass rushing camp.

"That was one thing that really stood out to me, is how beautiful the city was," he said before going on about his fondness for the supermarket chain, Whole Foods.

Ford also loves the jazz and wine offerings in the area.

You can listen to the entire conversation with Ford below.

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