The San Francisco 49ers were on everyone's radar heading into the 2018 season. They were the sexy pick to surprise a few opponents this past season and make things a bit more challenging for the loaded Los Angeles Rams.

That didn't happen.

Much of the 49ers' downfall can be attributed to injuries. Who knows what the team could have accomplished with a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo or Jerick McKinnon? Maybe San Francisco would have fared better if Matt Breida had been healthy the whole year.

The 49ers ended 2018 with 14 players on injured reserve. A healthy San Francisco team should improve upon the four-win mark set this past season.

Former NFL safety Will Blackmon joined NFL Network on Wednesday and named the 49ers as his under-the-radar team — a team with lower expectations which could surprise in 2019.

"They have the No. 2 pick," Blackmon explained. "They're going to get their quarterback back. Jerick McKinnon is coming back with Matt Breida. They've got $60 million to spend. They have a huge free agency coming up. San Francisco, I like their chances."

The 49ers were given 50-1 odds to win Super Bowl 54 following this year's championship game in Atlanta. That ranked No. 20 among the 32 NFL teams.

Offensive tackle Donald Penn, of course, picked his Oakland Raiders as an under-the-radar team while Brian Billick went with the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons were given 40-1 odds to win Super Bowl 54 while the Raiders sit at 100-1.