ESPN named Mike McGlinchey the NFC West Rookie of the Year on Thursday. The San Francisco 49ers right tackle ranked as Pro Football Focus' second-highest graded run blocker among NFL tackles and fourth among all offensive linemen across the league, according to the analytics site.

While McGlinchey's run-blocking skills are his strength, the young tackle isn't satisfied with his stellar rookie performance. He knows there are areas he has to improve to reach his goals.

"There's definitely some things that I did well this season that I will take and continue to try to improve on," McGlinchey told reporters the day after the 49ers' finale against the Los Angeles Rams. "There's things I didn't do well this season that I need to get corrected and need to take a huge step forward in year two.

"I'm not satisfied with the way I played this year. Everyone says 'Oh, it was a great rookie year.' I'm not playing to be a great rookie. I'm playing to be the best in the league, and hopefully, in year two, I'll be able to take a huge step forward in accomplishing that goal. We're going to have a hell of an offseason getting ready to do it."

McGlinchey is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania right now, which is where he grew up. He is spending his time off with family and friends but will join teammate Joe Staley in San Diego, California in late-February to begin training for the rigorous offseason ahead.

The 49ers players will reconvene and get back to work in mid-April.

San Francisco made McGlinchey, who played college football at Notre Dame, the No. 9 overall pick in last year's draft. He started all 16 games for the 49ers during his rookie campaign and figures to anchor the offensive line for years to come and one day take over the left tackle spot once Staley's illustrious career is complete.

Staley, who is preparing to enter his 13th NFL season, has served as a mentor for McGlinchey both on and off the field after the two quickly formed a close friendship with one another.

"He taught me a lot of different things early on, and then we started competing with each other and trying to push each other to be the best we could be," McGlinchey said of Staley. "When you have somebody who can do that, it's what it makes this job a lot of fun."

Staley also has a great deal of respect for his young teammate, who in 2018 became his closest friend.

"It's been awesome," Staley told reporters. "Mike has been huge. I'd never tell this to his face. I don't want to let him know how much I appreciate him. I'm always going to make sure he has a little bit of that trying to get his father's approval with me.

"But he's been huge for me this year just because we've gotten along so well from day one, and just the competitive nature of football kind of brings that out.

"I'm already super-competitive, but I challenge myself to compete with a guy that's 23 and just starting his career. And trying to still keep up with the stuff that he's doing, and challenge him in the same way. It's been a healthy relationship for us. It's benefitted us both."

What can McGlinchey expect when he begins training with Staley in San Diego?

"I upped the ante on the yoga. Namaste," Staley told reporters while smiling.

"Whatever he's got planned," McGlinchey said. "I guess he's a 13-year vet now, so whatever wisdom he's going to be channeling, Namaste, you know what I mean?"