The latest episode (Season 2, Episode 3) of the San Francisco 49ers' online documentary-style series, "Brick by Brick," was released on Tuesday night and it is entitled "Producing in the Preseason."

"Nick Mullens leads a dramatic comeback, Dante Pettis takes some hacks in batting practice, and Earl Mitchell returns to his hometown," reads the description of the third episode.

The latest installment also features defensive players Sheldon Day and DeForest Buckner, as well as defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. Fans are also given a look at the 49ers' first two exhibition games, including Saturday night's loss to the Houston Texans.

As for Pettis, the Niner Faithful can get an extended look at the rookie receiver hitting six home runs during Houston Astros batting practice last week at about the 11:30 mark.

You can watch the latest episode at the team's official YouTube page or below.