John Lynch spoke to NFL Network's Steve Wyche on Thursday while San Francisco 49ers players practiced behind him. It was the 49ers' first practice of training camp, and this is Lynch's second offseason as San Francisco's general manager.

Rhett Lewis, who was not on-site, asked Lynch what he looks for during these practices. What does the second-year general manager gravitate toward while observing his players on the field?

"Obviously, the talent," Lynch said. "One thing I think we've done well is define what we want at each position. You know, the traits we're looking for. You're obviously looking for that but training camp, to me – yes, it's not the training camp that I was a part of, double days and all that – as I mentioned earlier, it still is a grind. Who is mentally tough enough?

"These seasons are long. They are marathons. They become grinds. So you like to see people, how they are going to respond to – not so much today, everybody's going to look good today – but in a week, I want to see who's looking good. So you just let it play out, and all eyes will be open."

Lynch and company will be able to better evaluate that toughness on Saturday when the 49ers hold their first padded practice of training camp.