Jimmy Garoppolo made headlines last week when TMZ released video of the San Francisco 49ers quarterback on a date in Los Angeles with adult film star Kiara Mia. General manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan were asked on Wednesday if they have had to discuss public perception with the face of the franchise.

Shanahan joked: "I never heard any of those articles. What are you talking about?"

Lynch, who sat to the head coach's right, could not help but laugh.

"Jimmy came from a place where he saw a lot of people handle that spotlight and everything," Shanahan continued. "So I think Jimmy does have an idea -- I think everybody has an idea of how you should handle that spotlight, but not everyone is in that spotlight.

"Never in my life have I commented on a player's date in July so I'm not going to start today because I don't think it really pertains or matters to us. But I do think that is a very good example, and even though you know, sometimes you've got to learn how under the microscope we all are.

"It's not just the quarterback; it's all players. The quarterback definitely gets more than anyone else but I think it's a good learning experience for him and he's got to know what comes with that stuff."

Garoppolo also spoke with the media on Wednesday. The 49ers quarterback knows there is a lot of focus on him and what he does off the football field.

"Life is different now," Garoppolo said. "My life off the field, I've never really been big on being very public with things. Even (on) social media, I'm not out there a ton. But my life is looked at differently, and I'm under a microscope.

"It's like Kyle said, it is a good learning experience. You just have to take it in stride. I mean, it is what it is."

49ers veterans and rookies reported to training camp on Wednesday. The team's first practice is scheduled for Thursday at 10:15 a.m.