Jerry Rice, the self- and fan-proclaimed greatest NFL player of all-time, was in Lake Tahoe recently for the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament and took some time out of his schedule to entertain.

TMZ released video of the former San Francisco 49ers receiver dancing to R. Kelly's "Bump N' Grind" without a shirt in front of a crowd.

It isn't the first time the NFL's all-time leading receiver has done something like this.

"Jerry gave a shirtless lap dance at a similar event in Tahoe back in 2016," writes TMZ, "and shook it skin-on-skin with a thong'd out model at another similar party in 2015."

The locale in the video appears to be the same event as the one from a video last week that showed Rice declaring himself as the "best football player of all-time" to former NBA player Charles Barkley. It looks like Rice had an entertaining week.

H/t to Patrick Tulini for the find.