NFL Network's David Carr and Michael Robinson went through an exercise to predict the San Francisco 49ers' record and determine if they have a chance to make the playoffs. Carr went through the team's schedule and made predictions for the first half of the regular season while Robinson took on the second half.

What makes this prediction interesting? Carr doesn't have the 49ers' hot streak to end last season continuing into 2018. Much to Robinson's surprise, Carr has San Francisco losing their first four games of the season.

Asked Robinson: "So Jimmy G goes 5-0, gets $100 million, then goes out and goes 0-4?"

Carr believes the 49ers face four tough opponents to start the 2018 season. He has the team recovering from the 0-4 start by winning their next four games and ending up .500 before it is Robinson's turn predicting game results.

Robinson goes on to have the 49ers winning five of their final eight games and finishing 9-7 but points out that the last game of the season, against the Rams, could go either way with 10-6 being a possibility.

You can watch the breakdown below.

Below is how the 49ers' season ended up with Carr and Robinson predicting the results.

David Carr's predictions

@Vikings - L
Lions - L
@Chiefs - L
@Chargers - L
Cardinals - W
@Packers - W
Rams - W
@Cardinals - W

Michael Robinson's predictions

Raiders - W
Giants - W
@Buccaneers - L
@Seahawks - W
Broncos - L
Seahawks - W
Bears - W
@Rams - L (potential W)

H/T to Patrick Tulini for the find.