There is a nice little in-state rivalry brewing between the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams. Head coaches Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay are considered to be two of the best young football minds in the NFL. The two teams split their 2017 series with McVay and the Rams edging San Francisco up north and Shanahan and the 49ers routing Los Angeles down south. Of course, with a playoff appearance guaranteed, the Rams withheld many of their starters during that game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

With the Rams already a playoff team and going through a massive defensive upgrade this offseason and the 49ers, armed with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, seen as one of the teams trending upwards, the matchups at least twice a year could develop into one of the most exciting rivalries in the NFL.

Andy Benoit recently wrote a column for The MMQB which discusses the two NFC West head coaches.

"Every year at the combine I meet with dozens of NFL head coaches, coordinators and assistants," wrote Benoit. "It's unfiltered, off-the-record football talk, and the question I always pose before departing is, From a schematic standpoint, which offenses impressed you most last year? Who are you studying this offseason?"

Only two NFL teams were named at this year's combine – the 49ers and the Rams. Shanahan and McVay are not only well-respected offensive minds, but they are also trendsetters.

"The NFL is a copycat league, and the entire league spent this offseason trying to copy the leading contenders from the NFC West," wrote Benoit.

Both coaches, who are close friends, by the way, know there is a rivalry developing between their two teams.

"I spent some time with Sean McVay earlier this offseason," said NFL Network analyst Michael Silver earlier this month. "He was laughing. He said, 'You know, we went into that last meaningless game at the end of the year knowing we didn't have anything to play for and I pulled my starters. And Kyle just put it on me.'

"And he said, 'Never again. I don't care if we've clinched everything and we're playing the 49ers. I am playing my guys. I refuse to be humiliated in that fashion.' Of course, he was joking when he said it, but both guys, who have worked together and respect each other a ton are very, very aware that there's a competition between the two of them."

While Shanahan isn't looking past the two other teams within the division, he knows the offseason focus and excitement has surrounded the 49ers and Rams. McVay's squad spent the offseason with a win-now mentality. The 49ers, however, have taken a more methodical approach with the goal being long-term success.

"I think [facing this Rams team is] going to be a challenge for years to come and we look forward to it," Shanahan said in March after the Rams went on a free agent spending spree.

Both Shanahan and McVay are preparing to enter their second seasons as NFL head coaches. Shanahan, along with general manager John Lynch, signed six-year contracts with the 49ers early last year.

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