San Francisco 49ers rookie tackle Mike McGlinchey, who will wear No. 69, will likely be a reliable player for the team in the coming years. He started 39-straight games for the Fighting Irish and isn't someone who would let a minor injury like a broken hand (his words, not ours) keep him off the football field. McGlinchey spoke to reporters on Friday and was asked about his injury history and impressive playing streak, which goes all the way back to childhood.

"Nothing too significant," McGlinchey said of his injury history. "I had a sprained ankle for most of my junior season, my true junior year. I had the stomach flu in my first start ever. That was kind of crappy. I had a broken hand in a couple of games, so nothing that's ever been too significant that's ever kept me out of playing.

"If I'm able to play and if I'm moving, if I can stay in front of people, I'm playing, and that's the mindset that I've always had since I've been playing football."

McGlinchey was asked if he considers a broken hand significant.

"No," he responded.

McGlinchey also said he didn't miss any games in high school either. In fact, all the way back to his early playing days, he can't remember missing a football game. However, he did miss a basketball game.

"My sophomore year of high school, I had a little ankle thing that I couldn't run up and down the court, so that kept me out of a couple of basketball games."