Legendary San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana discussed new 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on Tuesday during an interview on Good Morning Football. Kyle Brandt asked if it was too early for the Garoppolo hype both in San Francisco and around the league.

"I think it's still a little early for it, myself," Montana said. "He's obviously had a lot more success in the games he's played in so far than the other quarterbacks that have been there recently.

"I think there's a lot of excitement in the Bay Area about it. I think this year will be a big tell on it. They paid a lot of money for him, but I think there's some belief there that he'll be there for a while."

In six appearances and five starts with the 49ers last season, Garoppolo completed 67.4 percent of his passes for 1,560 yards with seven touchdowns and five interceptions while winning each of his starts. His two previous starts, both with the New England Patriots, were also victories.

Montana joined the Simms & Lefkoe podcast on Wednesday and further discussed Garoppolo with hosts Chris Simms and Adam Lefkoe.

"I think it's still too early to tell (how good he will be)," Montana said. "The guy's played five games so far. You just don't know. Hopefully, for the 49ers and the Bay Area, he'll be the difference [...] There's something about him that he's made the transition – it seems like it – in that offense. He understands what it takes to win there.

"And he also played at the end of the season where he probably caught a couple of teams (off guard). So I'd love to see him now that everybody's back in order and starting from the beginning. I think this season will be a big tell and I guess I hope for the 49ers that..."

Montana paused and then discussed the history of NFL backup quarterbacks becoming starters in the league.

"You look at the history, everyone who's left behind a great quarterback like that and left the same system, has not had success," he said. "There hasn't been one."

Examples given were Matt Cassel, Scott Mitchell, and even former 49ers quarterback Elvis Grbac. Montana is cautiously optimistic about Garoppolo and his future with the 49ers. He certainly wants to see him succeed but isn't ready to buy into the hype just yet.

"Hopefully [Garoppolo's] made it," Montana continued. "It seems like he understands what it takes in that offense to make it work."

Garoppolo will join his 49ers teammates on Monday as the team kicks off its offseason program. It will be the quarterback's first offseason with head coach Kyle Shanahan. The 49ers acquired Garoppolo from New England on October 30, which was just before last year's trade deadline.