Even after signing quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to an NFL-record deal and bringing in All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman, the San Francisco 49ers are still in good shape when it comes to salary cap space. However, Steve Wyche of NFL Network, who spoke with general manager John Lynch, gets the impression that San Francisco will be less aggressive than anticipated.

"Speaking to John Lynch, he made it sound like -- remember, the Niners have a boatload of money under this salary cap to pursue free agents -- that they are not going to go after any of what Lynch likes to say, 'the splash names,'" Wyche reported on Monday. "Maybe that includes [wide receiver Allen Robinson], just not sure. But they're going to try to build this roster with seemingly some more marginal-type free agents."

In February, Lynch said the 49ers would be "aggressively prudent" in their approach to free agency this offseason.

"We're going to be aggressively prudent and always make wise decisions and look out some years and do things, though, that we feel are a fit and give us an opportunity to be a better organization," Lynch said.

Lynch's comments echoed what he said in January following the completion of the 2017 season.

"Kyle and I both believe in being aggressive, but also you don't do things just because you have all this money," Lynch said. "We have an ownership group that we're very thankful for. When we don't spend to the cap, they don't put that in their pocket and say, 'Thanks guys.' They roll it over to the next year. We'll be patient, but also aggressive. If we see fit, the opportunity to go get someone who can really improve us, we'll certainly take that opportunity."