San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin posted a new look to the team's uniforms via Twitter on Monday and wants to know what you think of the design.

The all-white design shares a passing resemblance to the 49ers' throwback away jerseys from the 1994 season. While the look may never be seen on the field, it is always interesting to hear a player voice his opinion on what he wears on game days.

It's not certain where the new design initially came from, but the response from fans has been mostly positive. Even 49ers linebacker Eli Harold shared his opinion on the look.

I'm not one to often share my opinion within a news story, but since Goodwin asked, the all-white design is a significant improvement over the all-black alternate uniforms currently used for a game or two during the season and would be a nice addition to Thursday Night Football's Color Rush games – assuming the 49ers are the away team.

Now, if only Goodwin could figure out a way to get the 49ers to bring back those 1994 throwbacks.

h/t to Kirk Larrabee of 247 Sports for the find.